She was a day tripper! Yeah! This t-shirt is perfect for any day trip you want to take. It’s super soft, comfy, light weight and has a flattering, stretchy shape that rests gently at the hips. Of course, that’s not all that makes this tee fabulously awesome. The colors! The pattern! The Frog! Forget about it! Wait, no don’t! In fact, once you see it you can’t forget about it. That is precisely why I own it! When I saw this item in Soul-Flower’s “What’s New” category, I KNEW I had to have it. It did not disappoint! Love, love, love this laid back froggie strummin’ his guitar. Amazing color, design and image. As an painter, I appreciate the wonderful watercolor texture throughout the images and the soft woody hues. So unique and so very Alice In Wonderland like awesomeness.

The flattering cut makes it perfect for wearing alone. It’s a statement absolutely by itself. However, it has a scoop neck design so you can pop a light weight tank under it to catch a little color peeking out around the neckline. I’ve worn it with a button down sweater and jeans since it’s a bit cool outside yet. The warm hues are fun to play with and layer under greens, oranges, and taupe. It also looks pretty sweet under my zip up hoodie and a pair of khakis (or even sweats) for a casual style. Works great dressed up, too! Probably my favorite thing to do with the Daytripper T-shirt is to pair it with my Soul-Flower eco-friendly Desert Mountain skirt and a pair of boots. Can’t say enough about this versatile top and if there is one thing a girl can never have enough of its versatile tees! A top that you can mix-n-match, dress up or down. A tee with a great design and flattering cut can go anywhere!

So, this lil’ froggie chillin’ with his guitar has no worries but unfortunately, real frogs are highly sensitive to environmental changes. Over the last few decades there has been a rapid disappearance of many frog species. A sure sign that something is going very wrong on our planet and how we care for it – habitat destruction, depletion of the ozone layer, pesticides, acid rain, are a few threats. This is why I am happy to live with greater respect for this earth and its creatures. This is also why I feel the need to buy from a company (Soul-Flower) that believes in doing what they can for the planet, too. As an artist, animal and earth lover, this tee fits me to a T!

Feelin’ the froggie vibe,

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