Over the next couple of weeks, we will say goodbye to our first krewe & welcome a whole new karma krewe (the coolest & best customers who spread the soul flower vibe) to Soul-Flower.com. Wow buds, it is amazing to look back over the last year – so many great memories & reviews. In short, our first EVA! krewe went to hundreds of festivals & concerts (more than I can count), traveled extensively (cross-country & internationally), welcomed a baby (hi Oliver!), finished two semesters, dealt with a few unwelcome curveballs (and made it thru), started a business, and more! And as we wind down and say goodbye, we are reminded that the nature of the krewe is to keep the karma going….

So we are now welcoming a whole new group of buds to take over this little karmatic experience for the next year. Watch here for introductions & be sure to say HELLO to our brand new krewe as they help spread soul-flower.com vibes virtually and in real life. Peace Buds,

ajax loader 2x - Welcome to the New Krewe!

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