There are very few moments of Zen when you are the mom to a 3 year old. Ok, there are no moments of Zen. In fact it’s pretty much chaos, noise, mess, and joyful exhaustion until bedtime. So the idea of me sitting in lotus pose deep in meditation is sort of hilarious.

This hand-drawn Soaring Soul Organic T-Shirt however, is sort of fabulous. While it can’t magically transport me into a peaceful place, it makes me feel fabulous during my otherwise hectic days. The color is very complimentary with nearly anything I wear. And the shirt itself is super soft, well made, and has a flattering fit even with a mom-of-2-kids figure. Of course the fact that it’s organic means that I feel ok when my 3 year old chews on me too.

So whether you have the benefit of regular yoga class and loads of butterfly soaring peace or whether you Zen your way through chaos each day, bring this tee with you and you’ll look good no matter what.

☮ Cindy Wallach

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