When a new Soul-Flower owl item pops up I can guarantee it will be perched in my closet faster then you can say who cooks for whom!! I’m really just crazy about this tunic and how could I not be, I have a cute lil’ hooter riding on my hip with me! Wait, make that two!! 😉

oqlsf4 - Woot! Snowy Owl Organic TunicBlog Image
Snowy owl style!

The Snowy Owl Organic Tunic is a beautiful mauve/purple color. I especially like the owl appliqué with hand sewn stitching and so does my little one! The trendy triangle collar with wooden buttons lends to the overall woodsy feel. An added bonus is that the buttons keep Willow occupied while I’m carrying her. 🙂 The nice light weight organic cotton with three quarter length sleeves, allows me to wear it layered or alone anytime of the year! The Snowy Owl Tunic is fabulously wonderful and fun to pair with skinny jeans, sweater, boots and hat. For another super duper cute look, wear it as a dress with leg warmers and boots!

sfowl2 - Woot! Snowy Owl Organic TunicBlog Image
My little owl, Willow & I

Did you know owls really need us to give a hoot?! They are being threatened everyday! Simply catching a meal puts them at a high risk for ingesting rodent poisons. In addition, because owls are cavity nesting birds, they need old trees and barns, structures being torn down at a rapid pace and in turn lowering the owls ability to breed successfully. Roads and highways don’t help matters either. Owls tend to hunt here flying low and looking for prey. This makes them vulnerable to being hit by cars.

So what can we do? A safe alternative for treating pests are humane traps and peppermint oil. Spare that old hallowed tree or barn in your yard, they’re beautiful to see anyway! And, if you find an injured bird call a local rescue or sanctuary.

Thank you Soul-Flower for your contribution to my collection and allowing me to talk about my obsession! We had a ton of fun getting photos taken in our owl attire! Wearing the Snowy Owl Organic Tunic makes my day start and end with a woot woot!!

Also, feel free to check out my past blog post “Owl Craft With Recycled Paper Rolls Is A Hoot” if you’d like a fun holiday craft to work on! 🙂

Just be, Woo

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