Today is Fair Tuesday, a day to support Fair Trade products and the people who make them. With holiday gift buying underway, it’s important to consider not only what items we need to buy, but how those items were made. Was the gift you’re buying made by an employee receiving fair wages, or by a child barely making enough to eat? Luckily, when you purchase a gift that is Fair Trade Certified, these are worries that won’t concern you. You’ll have the reassurance that the gifts you are buying stand in support of the rights of people, with things such as a living wage, safe work conditions, zero tolerance of child labor and gmo-free products that protect our environment.

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Creating clothing and jewelry is a craft, and the hands that make them should be happy and respected. When we take humanity out of the work, we not only take meaning out of the item we are buying, but we degrade the livelihood of the worker who strives to make something in their effort towards a better life.

That is why it is so important to think of fairness, not just this Tuesday, but always.Sometimes it’s tempting to seek out the cheapest deal, but we need to be mindful of why that product is cheap, and question whether or not the person who made it was payed in mere change. By stepping up and supporting Fair Trade products, we are making a stand for fairness and safety in the workplace, while opting for a better environment and an overall better world.

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Here at Soul Flower we carry a variety of Fair Trade Certified products, and always do our research to ensure that the clothing and accessories we carry were made in a happy, safe and supportive work environment. So if you’re looking to buy Fair Trade presents for your loved ones this Fair Tuesday, look for the Fair Trade symbol, or the words “Fair Trade” within Soul Flower’s product descriptions. You can also type “fair trade” into Soul Flower’s search bar to bring up a selection of Fair Trade products.

Some of Soul Flower’s Fair Trade Certified items:

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