With the holidays coming up, it’s fun to search for that awesomely great gift, and this year Soul Flower has a few goodies that are in the running!

One popular favorite is the ever fun & ever useful Freaker Knit Koozies. With five fun prints to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your friend, and by fit I mean it, this little koozie can seriously fit a wide range of bottles, from beer to wine! If you’re one for gifting delicious beverages, the Freaker Knit Koozie will make the perfect drinking mate.

freaker+knit+koozie - Great Gift Ideas for Guys and Gals
Which Freaker Koozie is right for your friend?
Another new favorite that is great & gifty is the Chakra Bath Salt set which features seven colorful chakra inspired bath salts to help your friend unwind and mediate in the comfort of a hot bath. Even if they aren’t hardcore into yoga, they’ll still appreciate this one!
chakra+bath+salt+set+great+gift - Great Gift Ideas for Guys and GalsBlog Image
7 soothing scents: lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint, frankincense & myrrh, sandalwood and dragon’s blood 
Fingerless gloves, leg warmers, a scarf or a knit hat are also a safe bet, as you don’t need to guess at your friend’s size, or worry too much that the item isn’t going to fit. Warm threads are an especially fun gift to give when you know what colors your friend likes to rock, or you could aim to pick a neutral color that would work with several pieces, such as the creamy white Head in the Clouds Knit Hat, or get matchy with a set and make this warm gift doubly awesome.
GRA007 lg - Great Gift Ideas for Guys and GalsBlog Image
Landslide Patch Scarf
Snag ’em a good ol’ boho bag! Usually by the end of the year, that current bag has gone through enough wear and tear to merit needing a new one, which is why a funky, fun bag is usually a great go-to gift. Especially if your friend is one to travel or frequent the farmers market. Besides, having too many bags is not a possibility!
Soy candle and goat’s milk soap – because who doesn’t like the gift of relaxation? The patchouli or lavender soy candles are perfect for unwinding, and if you have a friend who enjoys getting their cook on, the Rosemary Mint scented soy candle is a wonderfully refreshing one for the kitchen. Plus, these glow candles and goat’s milk soaps are all natural, perfectly safe, and smell divine!
soap+and+soy+candle+gift - Great Gift Ideas for Guys and GalsBlog Image
Each clean-burning soy candle also has pretty herbs decorating the top
Hoodies! Is it just me or is a soft, cozy, organic hoody sweater about the best gift ever? I hate being cold, and the thought of a new eco-friendly hoody makes me one happy gal. I imagine even the dudes would appreciate a new hoody for the holidays! The two hand-drawn prints below are my favorite for men:
mushrooms+hoody+for+men - Great Gift Ideas for Guys and GalsBlog Image
Magic Mushroom
not+all+who+wander+are+lost+hoody - Great Gift Ideas for Guys and GalsBlog Image
Not All Who Wander
Basically, when shopping for standout gifts, the real trick is to keep the unique traits of the person you’re buying for in mind. If they were shopping with you, what things would they point out? What would they find amazing? Thinking of them & like them will really help lead you to the greatest gift. 🙂
What would be the greatest Soul Flower gift you could receive?
❤ JacQ

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