My daughter and I love all things old and interesting, and I have had my eye on this property for quite some time to photograph.  For so long, the schedule was never right to be there with my camera during the day and I sometimes worried that the next time I drove past, it would be demolished.  Abandoned locations have always fascinated me and this one in particular held my attention since I was young. My obsession with all things vintage started then and this Volkswagon auto shop had such a classic, happy look. It fit that hippie vibe I became infatuated with at a young age.  It had since closed its doors and has been empty for longer than I remember it being open. Watching it slowly fade and crumble over the years is sad but I end up liking the building more and more with every crack.

When Soul Flower’s Tie Dye Organic Skirt came along in blue, I knew it needed to meet this location and finally I had a great excuse to shoot! The skirt has such a great look- it’s really simple in design but the tie-dye pattern stands out beautifully without being too loud. It could definitely compliment many styles and is certainly not limited to a hippie or bohemian look. I have always shied away from tie-dye for myself but I love the look of this skirt! The monochromatic palate makes it so much more wearable than a rainbow tie-dye.

Of course I grabbed my favorite model Marli and we filled a bag of clothes and accessories and headed out! It was windy and cold but we were excited to explore a bit. The mud leading up to the building was like quicksand and we had to make an obstacle course to get through it.  Once we got closer it warmed up a bit and we could explore.  All the little details you can’t see from the road made this location even cooler.  As much as we liked the building itself, upon closer inspection we found all these little details that are just as interesting as the location as a whole.  I knew all the broken windows, crooked doors and rusty remnants but it was the little things that held our attention. The children’s paintings on the garage door were my favorite and the old 35 cent soda machine. Names carved in the doors, rusting vehicle parts and remnants of old mechanic tools.  Many memories were made here and I love seeing a tiny glimpse of them!

And through all the running and jumping and mud skipping, the Tie-Dye Organic Skirt was just as comfy, flexible and soft as wearing a t-shirt as a skirt. And it worked perfect as a dress too! Usually tie-dye doesn’t allow another pattern in its space. But Soul Flower’s Organic Tie-Dye Skirt really lends itself to be paired with others-floral, stripey, polka dots. We put it with many other pattern in the same color scheme and they worked really well without being too busy.  It was perfect for layering over leggings or tights which makes it ideal for year round wear. But in summer to grab this skirt, a t-shirt and some sandals? So easy to look great and be comfortable! I just may end up grabbing this one in more colors 🙂

❤ Erin Rose
from e-rin images

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