Some people are sad when Summer ends. No more swimsuits, flip flops or sundresses. However, I look forward to the beautiful foliage, harvest festivals, and crisp cool air of fall, as well as the cozy sweaters, family time, and quiet calm that Winter brings.

IMG 1667 - Picnic in a Cool Bag
Blog Image bag - Picnic in a Cool Bag
Jumping in the Leaves Flap Bag


This year, I got a nice sturdy bag from Soul Flower that captures the enchantment of these wonderful seasons. The Jumping in the Leaves Flap Bag is versatile indeed. From petting zoos and apple picking to Thanksgiving and Christmas, this bag will hold everything you need while you’re taking advantage of all these seasons have to offer. At the same time, you can show your love of autumn through the bag’s warm, earthy colors and wool material. There are even cute leaves sewn on the front for extra flair.

IMG 1664 - Picnic in a Cool Bag
IMG 1661 - Picnic in a Cool Bag
Kirbie with our Jumping in the Leaves Bag

Something else I enjoy this time of year are the seasonal foods! Before it gets too cold, I decided to go outside, sit under the beautiful trees by the lake and enjoy a fall fruits picnic! I used this strong bag to hold my fruits, plates and silverware.  I get way too excited when I start seeing pomegranates at the grocery store! Not only do they taste good, but eating them is an experience in itself. You have to cut off the top, crack it open and pick the juicy seeds out. Not to mention they are loaded with antioxidants to help fight free radicals. Watch your clothing, the juice stains easily.

IMG 1659 - Picnic in a Cool Bag
Kirbie and a pomegranate 🙂

Persimmons are still kind of new to me. The first time I tried one, it wasn’t ripe yet and it gave me severe cotton mouth (my mouth was really dry)! Luckily a friend told me to wait until it got really squishy and it would be a amazing. She was right! It has a lovely, cinnamon-like taste and they are SO juicy. They have plenty of B vitamins too!

Blog Image IMG 1649 - Picnic in a Cool Bag
Kirbie tries a persimmon 🙂

These awesome fruits were brought to you by Autumn. And this awesome bag was brought to you by Soul Flower. So grab your scarves, jackets, and wooly bags and get out there! Take advantage of this wonderful time of year and look incredible while doing it.

Happy Holidays!


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