Hey y’all! I have been fortunate enough to be a part of Soul Flowers Karma Krewe for a little bit now. I had been selecting items for other people for the most part. But the Neverland Crop Skirt Pants? Mine. All mine. And as a photographer I always had it in my head that I need to do photo shoots and organized theme or something for the items. Not this time! Total relaxation and fun weekend-friends, family and good times! All in the comfort of my awesome new cropped pants!


All events took place on a sunny weekend in Wisconsin. I sported Soul Flower gear through the whole thing 🙂 We threw a little surprise camping trip for our friends upcoming birthday.  We highly recommend the fantastic Fireside Campground in Lone Rock WI. Beautiful setting, knowledgeable and courteous staff, great amenities and perfect park placement for camping with children!

20140518 110338 - Weekend Adventure in Wisconsin
Fireside Campground: Lone Rock, WI

We got to the campsite via a little adventure taking the Merrimac Ferry across the Wisconsin River. It is a short trip but free and worth it for a cool kids break from the car! Didn’t even grab a picture this time- too busy peering over the sides and watching the water zoom by before scrambling back into the car to hit the road again!
Main attraction for the Saturday festivities was a short drive from the campsite to Muscoda, WI during their 32 Annual Morel Mushroom Festival. This town is serious about their mushrooms! Serious enough to be sold out by the time we got there 🙁 But still had a great time at the flea market, street festival and children’s bouncy house park! And what better to top my Neverland Crop Skirt Pants for such a themed venture? My Soul Flower Original Magic Mushroom T-Shirt of course 🙂 And with so many people with an eye out for mushrooms, I was stopped at most intersections with questions of where to purchase said shirt. I see some shroom shirt sales in Soul Flower’s future. 🙂

20140517 165838 - Weekend Adventure in Wisconsin
Wandering around at the Morel Mushroom Fest in my Soul Flower digs!
20140517 165655 - Weekend Adventure in Wisconsin


Sunday was a House on the Rock visit!  Located in Spring Green, WI it is a must see attraction for anyone into architecture or interesting and unusual locations. We just grabbed a picture in the infinity room and in one of the many long bridges. If ever in the area, definitely consider this as a stop and dedicate at least an afternoon to perusing this interesting find!  House, museum, gardens, shops, surrounding scenery, all of it!

20140518 121652 - Weekend Adventure in Wisconsin
The fam at House on the Rock! 🙂
20140518 115729 - Weekend Adventure in Wisconsin
20140518 115802 - Weekend Adventure in Wisconsin

I wore my Neverland Crop Skirt Pants the entire weekend. Partially because I forgot to pack anything else 🙂 but I really didn’t want to change!  They are comfy, stretchy and look awesome!

20140518 184751 - Weekend Adventure in Wisconsin
Here is a zoom of the comfy waistband and skirt detailing!

The waistband it super comfy and doesn’t roll down or slide.They are fitted and flattering. Nothing ever needed adjusting-rare for a 2 layered piece of clothing. From pitching a tent and cutting firewood to going out to dinner in the evening, they were perfect. I plan on them being a huge part of my summer wardrobe! 

Erin Rose
from e-rin images in Wisconsin

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