Did you notice the gorgeous, goddess-like twig crown on Soul Flower’s website? It’s almost impossible not to want to make one yourself, right? Luckily it’s super simple to make a crown of twigs. In this blog we show you how to make a twig crown fit only for a forest goddess. (And please, add in flowers or other earth elements that speak to your forest goddess soul!)

DIY+Boho+Crown - How to Make a Twig Crown (DIY!)

How to Make a Twig Crown – Gather Your Supplies

To create your own twig crown, you really don’t need a whole lot of supplies or crafty talent. All you need are some lovely twigs from the great outdoors and some wire to help shape them and keep them in place. Just like the images show below:
DIY+floral+crown - How to Make a Twig Crown (DIY!)
19 Elephant Dress - How to Make a Twig Crown (DIY!)

How to Make a Twig Crown – Bring the Kids!

This is also a fun craft to do with kids. They will love the process of finding twigs, sticks and other nature elements. They’ll love running around the backyard wearing their homemade twig crowns as they pretend to be magical beings….because that’s basically what the people here at Soul Flower did! 😉 Because honestly, what one sees as a twig crown, others see as a natural tiara!

How to Make a Twig Crown – Where to wear it!

Forest stroll, wedding day, photo shoot, outdoor dance party, festival, you’re a hippie, you’re a goddess, you feel free, there doesn’t need to be a reason!

Finish your look with a hippie dress, some boho earrings, a boho cardigan and a happy smile 🙂

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