How AWESOME is this walking stick?
The moment we realized we were having an outdoor camping photo shoot for our “Lost in Ever Everland Summer Lookbook”, we knew we needed one badass walking stick with us…because how can you walk the woods without one?

Walking stick+6 - How to Make a Boho Walking Stick
Walking stick+5 - How to Make a Boho Walking Stick
To make your own boho-esque walking stick is way easy, and of course the creative options are WAY open. Luckily, our walking stick was already pretty amazing all on its own, with great zigzagging lines carved out from past bugs, and a great natural wood coloring that was in need of no stain. Our photographer, Jenn, had actually found this stick while on vacation in Montana a few years ago, and she’s loved it ever since…
and now we love it, too!
For the photo shoot we wanted to jazz it up just a little bit more without affecting the natural beauty that had drawn us to the walking stick in the first place. So our crafty work bud, Rachel, chose to wrap a few top sections of the walking stick with earthy colored yarns, faux leather, and some rope.
Walking stick+1 - How to Make a Boho Walking Stick
Walking stick+3 - How to Make a Boho Walking Stick
Great thing about decorating a walking stick is that you can get as funky as you want with your fabric wrapping; twisting, looping and braiding wherever your heart desires.  At certain spots you may need to use a little bit of wire to make sure your decor has a good hold.
Walking stick+4+(2) - How to Make a Boho Walking Stick
We also chose to add a large wooden bead and emu feathers (which were actually sent to us a few months ago as a gift from an amazing customer of ours!) 🙂 To attach the feathers to the other materials, we used a little bit of green wire and they stayed in place just great, as you can see in the photo above.
Walking stick+2 - How to Make a Boho Walking Stick
Some other possible bohemian decor ideas for your walking stick are: more little branches and budding twigs, dreamcatchers, pouches, fabric from an old item of clothing, paint (there are tons of cool painted stick ideas over on Pinterest!), natural dyes or stains to change the coloring of the wood, dried flowers, jewelry or charm-like trinkets, and when all else fails there is always glitter. 😉
SOL527alt3 lg - How to Make a Boho Walking Stick

Do you have a walking stick that you absolutely cherish? Feel free to share your story below in the comments or share a pic of it with us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag:  #mysoulflower

Also, if you have any questions about making your own boho walking stick, ask away! We’d love to help you out with this project. 🙂



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