I don’t like vegetables. Sadly, I am not one who would ever choose to eat veggies, ever. I have a horrible sweet tooth, and although I love fruits, if I never had to eat veggies again, I would be ok with it.

Blog Image 015 - Green Smoothie Recipe & Video Tutorial
Delicious smoothie drink and my new organic skirt from Soul Flower

But I have been reading up lately on nutrition, and keep reading about the benefits of healthy vegetables. I found a few books on green smoothies, and finally decided to try it for myself, only instead of doing a full on green smoothie, I decided to use the green smoothie as a base, and do the other half fruits. So although its not techinaclly a green smoothie, I figure if I can get myselft to eat any veggies, it is better then nothing, and who knows maybe after a few months of 50/50 green smoothies, maybe I can slowly lower the fruit amount, and eventually just drink the green smoothie alone! So if you love veggies, try the full on green smoothie recipe, if you are like me you can try the 50/50 mix, or if you are really scared to try it, maybe just mix up the leafy greens in your juice, and start there.

Ok, so first thing gather some leafy greens, veggies, and some add ins, here are some ideas to get you started, try my recipe, then adjust it to your taste!

Leafy greens- Spinach, Kale, Romane lettuce, argula, dandelion greens, watercress, ect.

Veggies- Avocado, celery, cucumbers, bok choy, broccoli,

Liquids- Fruit juice, vegetable juice, soy milk (or coconut), Kefir, Yogurt,

Add ins- Flaxseed (oil or seeds), Olive oil, Bee pollen, Royal jelly, Chia seeds, Penut butter, tofu, hemp seed, Oats, Tumeric, ginger (any herbs & spices) Whey protein powder.

Green smoothie:
2 C. liquid (fruit juice)
1 1/2 C. leay veggies (Romane, spinach, Kale)
2 C. veggies (or so)
Any add ins

So pretty simple, first add your liquids, (can be all one thing, or a mix of things) Next add all your leafy greens, they should all be covered in the liquid so they can liquefy nicely. Mix well until all the leafy greens are totally liquefied. Next you can add all your veggies, and add ins, mix until smooth, refrigerate any leftovers!

Now, after I make a few batches of the green smoothie, I like to freeze small potions of it in small ziplock bags, and when I am ready to make a batch or the 50/50 smoothie, I let it defrost a bit, till is is a bit icy, then I add it to the blender, and add some juice (or any liquid) add a handfull or fruits, and mix it up until it is smoothie consistency.

Also, you may have noticed, I am wearing the Desert Sun & Sand Sand Skirt from Soul Flower. With stylish stripes, a hi-lo hem and comfortable organic cotton fabric, it’s definitely a new favorite of mine.

Blog Image hi+lo+organic+skirt - Green Smoothie Recipe & Video Tutorial
Flattering hi-lo hem is definitely trending this summer
Blog Image striped+summer+skirt - Green Smoothie Recipe & Video Tutorial
Also love the colors and striped pattern

Hope you enjoy the green smoothie as much as I do!
from Latter Day Style

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