Two new designs for spring 2014 are the women’s recycled t-shirt, Roam, and the men’s organic pocket tee, Paddle On. They were designed together, so they coordinate beautifully with their outdoors-inspired, detail-filled, earth-toned goodness. If you’re antsy to get away on your next camping trip, mountain hike, or Saturday afternoon at the lake, these tees are for you!

Check out the cute little details hidden throughout, and let your wanderlust soul roam on.

Both designs started as a sketch in my sketchbook. I drew out the letters ROAM and the canoe paddle, filled it in with marker, and then got busy doodling with a white paint pen.

And doodles they are! I define “doodling” as drawing without a plan. I didn’t sketch out any sort of plan for what would fill these shapes. Channeling the outdoors with a hint of tribal art, I ended up doodling lots of trees, mountains, wind and water shapes, rain, clouds, suns, and lots of little fishies 🙂

My favorite part of drawing without a plan (doodling) is that the style always feels like me. Everything turns out a little bit cutesy and fun. I love it when I can hide all sorts of imagery into the shapes. In a way it’s just like the natural world: every time you take a closer look, you see something new and different!

For the Paddle On design for men, we chose to print it on our 100% organic cotton pocket tee. It’s lightweight and a nice earthy shade of khaki, perfect for outdoor adventuring. We printed the Roam design on our new relaxed-fit 50% organic cotton, 50% recycled plastic t-shirt for women. It’s a looser cut perfect for sunshiney days and active running around.

We hope these nature-inspired designs inspire you to get outdoors this summer and make memories! Imbue your Soul Flower tees with happy summer vibes so when you wear it in the winter it’ll remind you of your adventurous side and bring you smiles year-round 🙂

❤ Leiah
artist at Soul Flower

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  1. WildHoneyApothecary
    May 29, 2014 at 11:11 am (10 years ago)

    He Leiah -Beautiful design, definitely full of happy summer vibes!


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