Soul Flower has incredible threads: comfortable, fashionable, and eco-friendly with uniquely flattering styles. But what makes Soul Flower truly exceptional is the original, hand drawn artwork in all of their designs. The Moon Play T-shirt is no exception!

I love all the artwork displayed on the shirts, dresses, skirts, hairwraps, everything! But I have a specific obsession with trees, specifically tree silhouettes. Add a moon and a lonely little swing? MINE. The design may be seemingly simple but it holds a moodiness that I appreciate.  It can be viewed as a playful childhood memory of a backyard tree swing. But I like the possible darkness of it too. The swing is empty, swaying slightly as if its nighttime occupant just left.  Or motion from the wind of an approaching storm. The moon lights the swing and tree evenly like a black and white photograph. All secured against a soft heather black that is the perfect midnight moonlit sky.

IMG 6406 - The Art of Moon PlayBlog Image
Insomniart’s Angela rockin’ a hand drawn Soul Flower design created by their Karma Captain, Peggy!

Who better to model this recycled plastic & organic cotton piece of wearable art by Soul Flower than Insomniart’s own Angela Ryde Schmitt! Angela is a creative soul based in Baraboo WI. I discovered her artwork before her friendship, and am incredibly excited about both relationships. Her work is truly one of pure imagination. Insomniart is just as the name implies- a non-stop, conceptually creative mind that cannot let its owner rest. Her work holds such a whimsical look with a notable dark beauty; I knew she would be perfect for wearing the Moon Play V-neck T-Shirt! And she wore it with the quirky, graceful elegance that is unique to Angela. It’s as comfortable, soft and wearable as any other Soulflower piece of clothing. It paired really well with the branches maxi skirt and Blue Skies Hoody. Moon Play, like any other Soul Flower T-shirt is long and roomy yet still flattering for any body type. See all of the moon clothing options at Soul Flower!

There are a million companies with a million shirt designs. I always come back to Soul Flower. There is something to be said about a quality product with a graphic that shows the designer is truly an artist. Keep up the great art Soulflower! We love it and wear it proudly!

Blog Image IMG 6436+(2) - The Art of Moon Play
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Thank you,
Erin Rose

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