Ever wondered who the people behind your purchases are? Luckily for you, we hand-pick all our designers and suppliers! Check out this interview with Soul Flower (SF) and bohemian jewelry designer/creator, Dani Awesome (DA) to find out the inside scoop on those gorgeous necklaces and earrings of hers that we sell. 

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Dani is currently a resident of Iowa (shop local!), and started her business in 2006 through vending at Market Bay.

SF: How/why did you start making jewelry?

DA: “I started making jewelry when I was like 10-12 years old. My mom would buy me craft kits where you put your own pieces together, then in high school, I kind of fell into a job where I was working at a custom jewelry place. They taught me a lot of jewelry-making techniques. I also drew, painted, took lots of art classes, and even worked at a flower shop where I really had a knack for arranging flowers. I’ve always had creative jobs and been a creative person! From there, I started my feather business in 2006 making feather hair clips. At that point, I realized I wanted to expand so I moved into the jewelry aspect. What organically started as a hobby when I was a kid, turned into a job to make money, which turned into my own business.”

SF: What’s your process like? How long does it typically take for you to design/create a piece?

DA: “Sometimes I make sketches, sometimes I make inspiration boards. Sometimes I already have the gemstones, or have a shape in mind, so I make the jewelry ahead of time. I also always wear my pieces around for a while first to gauge how they lay on me, the length, and if they’re comfortable. If I get compliments on them, then I know I should continue with it! Sometimes it takes me a couple months to come up with new pieces, other times I’ll just have an idea, sit down, put it together, and it’s done in a day!”

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Dani wearing the feather lariat she designed.

SF: How do you pick what materials to use?

“I like finding a piece that inspires me and designing around it. With Soul Flower, I make sure everything is ethical so I don’t use any bone or animal products. This year I’m hoping to do some pieces with rough cut gemstones.”

Flight necklace1 - Meet Dani Awesome: Jewelry Designer/Creator
Dani’s Crystal Flight Necklace

SF: Where do you find inspiration?

DA: “With Soul Flower, I really love looking for natural patterns in things…just realizing what you see in nature. My initial product for [Soul Flower] was feather-related and I just kind of went from there. I also like looking at what’s going on in fashion and going with the particular aesthetic that’s going on that year. I take a little bit from everything. I’m on the internet 24/7, I love magazines, and I’m very visual about it all.”

SF: What are some of the favorite bohemian jewelry pieces you’ve made?

DA: “My favorite is the arrow lariat. I love arrows. Symbolically, and I’m a nerd, so I love sci fi and archery. I love that it’s a piece that you can layer with longer and shorter necklaces. Another is the Snowflake Quartz earrings because, if you look closely at them, they look like a snow globe. Subtle and glam.” 

quartz earrings1 - Meet Dani Awesome: Jewelry Designer/Creator
“If you look closely at [the Quartz Snowflake Earrings], they look like a snow globe.” -Dani
SF: Anything else?

DA: “Soul Flower has kinda given me the shove to expand my jewelry and push my business. I hadn’t been paying attention to that earthy, indie market so it opened up a whole new market for me. Expanding my products, making different styles. I think that this year I’m going to work with some rough cut gemstones in deep burgundy, carnelian, and green. I want to make gorgeous ethically sourced pendants. I’m also really into horns this year, but not animal horns. Oh, and birds. But they’re different new carved birds. Definitely moving towards more boho stuff this year!” 

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