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2023 full moons 04 760x570 - April Full Moon 2023

April Full Moon 2023

April Full Pink Moon 2023

Hey Buds, it’s that time again! You may wonder – is the moon actually pink tonight? Not really: The name “Pink Moon” comes from the pink phlox that bloom in North America during the month of April, around the time of the full moon. This name comes from Native American tribes who kept track of the seasons by giving distinctive names to each full moon to mark the changing of the seasons. So the Pink Moon is not named after the moon’s appearance but rather after pink flowers 🙂

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2023 full moons 03 760x570 - March Full Worm Moon 2023

March Full Worm Moon 2023

Welcome, fellow hippies, to the March Full Moon of 2023! This full moon is known by several names, including the Worm Moon, the Crow Moon, and the Sap Moon. Regardless of what you call it, this full moon is a time of renewal and rebirth, as it marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. As we celebrate this full moon, let us remember to embrace our inner light and strive towards realizing our full potential.


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2020 full moon preview 760x500 - 2020 Full Moon Calendar - Full Moon Advice

2020 Full Moon Calendar – Full Moon Advice

Our 2020 Full Moon Calendar brings us 13 full moons and 13 opportunities to celebrate and be inspired! Read on for our 2020 full moon calendar and a bit of monthly advice inspired by each moon. And lucky us, there will be a nearly full moon on the evening of Independence Day, two full moons in October and a blue full moon on Halloween night! 🌕 Which 2020 full moon are you most excited for?


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12 22 760x570 - 2018 Full Moons - December Elder Moon

2018 Full Moons – December Elder Moon

December’s Elder Moon is the final full moon of 2018. Thanks for joining us this year as we celebrated the full moons! Sharing this info each month became its own marker of time. Sometimes it felt like, “Didn’t we just have a full moon?” and other times it was, “Wow, seems like that last full moon was forever ago.”

Tuning into one of nature’s recurring cycles can act as a nice rhythm; a pulse. Something that reminds you that yes, time is passing. Are you living your life how you want? Are you practicing being present, or has your mind been in a flurry for the past few weeks? Maybe the changing seasons keep you on pace, maybe it’s the monthly moons. If you need a daily reminder to stay present, try the sunrise 🙂

This month’s moon will appear full on the evening of December 21 – Winter Solstice. So it’s a double whammy! The last full moon, solstice, and the upcoming new year makes this week an energy-filled time for personal reflection and planning changes in your life.


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09 24 760x570 - 2018 Full Moons - September Vine Moon

2018 Full Moons – September Vine Moon

This year’s September full moon is the traditional Harvest Moon, being the closest full moon to the Autumn Equinox (September 22). But in our monthly moon series, we’ve borrowed the names from the Celtic Tree calendar, so we’re calling it by another name – the Vine Moon!

Because the moon is lower in the sky during the fall season, it can appear orange or red in color. The moon’s proximity to the horizon also makes it appear larger – a total optical illusion, but awesome nonetheless.


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08 26 760x570 - 2018 Full Moons - August

2018 Full Moons – August

The August full moon goes by many names: Sturgeon Moon, Corn Moon, Wort Moon, Grain Moon, and Hazel Moon. The different names for full moons come from different cultures, histories, philosophies, and places. In our monthly moon series, we’ve borrowed the names from the Celtic Tree calendar.

This month’s Hazel Moon (named after the Celtic Tree of Wisdom) aligns perfectly with back-to-school season!


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07 27 1 760x570 - 2018 Full Moons - July

2018 Full Moons – July

We’re almost half-way between Summer Solstice (June 21) and Autumn Equinox (September 22). This time of year traditionally marks the beginning of harvest, both literally and metaphorically.

July’s full moon is also a total lunar eclipse! It will be the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century, coming in just shy of the theoretical limit. Unfortunately it won’t be visible in North America, but pretty much every other place in the world will get to see it!

This month’s full moon is also known as Thunder Moon, since thunderstorms are so frequent during July. Fun fact: some of the stormiest areas in the US can see thunderstorms every single day in July! Top of the list is southern Florida, a few places in New Mexico, and a small region in southeast Arizona. Enjoy Mother Nature’s light show, but stay safe!

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03 01 moon 760x570 - 2018 Full Moons - March

2018 Full Moons – March

Inspiration for the two full moons in March hints at the quickly-approaching spring season. Can you believe winter will soon be over?! The Spring Equinox lands on March 20, mid way between the two full moons. The equinox is a time of balance and equilibrium, and spring is a time for fresh beginnings and growth. Take some time to meditate on the changing of the seasons. Notice the little things that fill your heart with gratitude. Keep an eye on the sky and don’t let time pass you by without participating fully in your life. Hello, March!

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01 01 760x570 - 2018 Full Moons - January

2018 Full Moons – January

January 1st brings the first full moon of the year. The full moon is said to be a time of heightened energy all around, and a good time to harness that energy to find clarity about what you want in your life. Some see the full moon as a time to harvest the fruits of your past labors; a time of peak manifestation and abundance. The fullness of the moon is fleeting, though, and marks the turning point between waxing and waning. From now until the New Moon, turn your attention inward instead of out.

In 2018, we’ll be sharing monthly moon inspiration.


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All Blog 760x570 - What's Your Style? Find Your Best Outfit!

What’s Your Style? Find Your Best Outfit!

Are you more of a Yogi or an Earth Warrior? A Hippie or a Free Spirit? Vibing Higher on the daily or yearning for a trip with your Wanderlust heart? It all starts with an eco-friendly Soul Flower look & maybe some vintage finds from your closet. Then we top it off with some eco, local, black-owned and artisan-made products for shopping inspiration.


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