April’s full moon is named after the willow tree. The willow grows best when there’s lots of rain (April showers!) and is associated with healing, growth, and protection. We hope spring is ramping up where you are. Enjoy the sunshine and the glow from this month’s full moon!

April 29, 2018
Willow Moon

spring flowers begin to appear as life sprouts up around you. now is a time of creating and producing: practice being self-reliant.
take a cue from this month of april showers and open your heart to express pent-up emotions. like rain, tears can be healing.

04 29 - 2018 Full Moons - April

The Moon is our closest celestial neighbor. It’s a constant reminder of the bigger picture: the vast universe out there and each of us, here –together– on this one planet. In this one solar system. In this one galaxy. Out of billions. Make your days and your nights count buds and enjoy this April full moon!

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