Riding on the energy of the Summer Solstice (June 21), the sunshine accompanying this June 28 full moon is the longest of the year. That means a long day of beautiful summer sunshine plus a short night of bright full moon. Get out there and enjoy the season!

June 28, 2018
Oak Moon

the sun’s power, blooming trees, and the energies of the natural world are peaking

fully embrace the season in this time of abundance by surrounding yourself with nature and spending time outside during long summer evenings

oak moon is named for the mighty, tall oak tree, which is associated with protection, strength, success, and good fortune

06 28 - 2018 Full Moons - June

The Moon is our closest celestial neighbor. It’s a constant reminder of the bigger picture: the vast universe out there and each of us, here –together– on this one planet. In this one solar system. In this one galaxy. Out of billions. Make your days and your nights count buds and enjoy this June full moon!

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