January 1st brings the first full moon of the year. The full moon is said to be a time of heightened energy all around, and a good time to harness that energy to find clarity about what you want in your life. Some see the full moon as a time to harvest the fruits of your past labors; a time of peak manifestation and abundance. The fullness of the moon is fleeting, though, and marks the turning point between waxing and waning. From now until the New Moon, turn your attention inward instead of out.

In 2018, we’ll be sharing monthly moon inspiration.

The monthly moons have many names from different cultures and philosophies, but we’ve borrowed the names from the Celtic Tree calendar. Birch Moon is named for the birch tree. Birch trees are known as pioneer species: hardy trees that readily grow in open areas and especially in areas damaged by forest fires or other disturbances. The perfect symbol for adaptation, growth, and renewal!

01 01 - 2018 Full Moons - January

January 1, 2018
Birch Moon

much is stirring beneath the surface, but keep your energy close to you for now
concentrate on new beginnings and solving personal problems that involve no one else
focus on getting clear about what you want to attain in upcoming months



01 31 - 2018 Full Moons - January

January 31, 2018
Rowan Moon
Blue Moon! Lunar Eclipse!

the surface of the earth may be barren but a life force is stirring beneath
do the groundwork necessary and clear your clutter to make way for new growth
what do you need to do to prepare before planting the seeds of your new goals?



moon outfit - 2018 Full Moons - JanuaryBlog Image

The Moon is our closest celestial neighbor. It’s a constant reminder of the bigger picture: the vast universe out there and each of us, here –together– on this one planet. In this one solar system. In this one galaxy. Out of billions. Make your days and your nights count!

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