Hey Buds! We know that many of you enjoy filling your schedule up with everything you can do on any given day. We thought it might be helpful to take a few minutes and realign your intentions with small, more reachable steps for the new year.

Every goal you have can be broken down into smaller pieces. The number one reason people fail at their new year’s resolutions is because they set too many large goals without looking at all the smaller goals they have to accomplish to reach those goals. Here is one method you can try to get a handle on one goal at a time!

Step One:

Take a look at all the goals you have for 2018

Step Two:

Pick one of those goals

Blog 1 - Goals Guide for 2018

Step Three:

Break up the goal into smaller, more manageable pieces

Step Four:

Look over those smaller pieces and pick the doable ones

Blog 2 - Goals Guide for 2018

* For example with my busy days I can fit 20 minutes of exercise into my schedule more easily than I can gym every day or even 3 days a week, and for eating better I can easily cut out more junk food than just switching my diet or only eating greens. This way I can start out slowly making lifestyle changes instead of jumping straight into a whole new routine and diet and getting discouraged and falling back into bad habits. While I was writing I realized that I was putting myself down in both areas: eating and exercise, so my target with getting in shape is really just being kinder to myself and slowly making positive changes to my life.

Step Five:

Hide your big list until you have stayed on course or finished this one goal

Blog 3 - Goals Guide for 2018

Step Six:

Repeat step 1-5 for the next goal

Everywhere, people are discovering that doing things more slowly often means doing them better and enjoying them more. It means living life instead of rushing through it. – Carl Honore

Blog 4 - Goals Guide for 2018

Want some comfy threads with positive messages to start off your year? Check out the outfit inspiration below!

Outfit 1 - Goals Guide for 2018

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