Happy winter everyone! I had my very first white Christmas. We had a few snow storms in the past few weeks leaving snow and ice all over. Big difference from the beach weather, which I am used to. I am loving the seasons changing so much. 

During the holidays I tend to get more hermit like. Being cozy by the fire, hot beverages and relaxation. This time I am also taking a break from social media through all of January. I believe having a detox even from social media is very important. We tend to look at our phones so much, checking our phones every chance we get and we forget what’s out there in the real world.

So, I have been focusing more on being present and getting outside more.

Last weekend we went up the mountain, where  I snowshoe-d the very first time. It’s was so much fun. Even better, I got  to  go with my Mom. She showed me the ropes.

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season.



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