With the holidays just around the corner, my weekly phone calls with my sister and mom have lately focused around where and when we will find time to celebrate the holidays together. It might seem early, but it’s nearly one month before Thanksgiving and two months before Christmas. Wow! And it’s going to be here sooner than we think! It’s time to plan parties and gatherings, and take time off work.

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I live 1,000 miles away from my family; I live in Colorado, and they live in Texas. My sister lives more than 100 miles from my parents in the Lone Star State. To make things even more complicated, my sister and I are both married, meaning we have new families to include in our holiday celebrations. We also have extended family that wants to see us during the holiday season as well.

I know I’m not alone in the struggle to find time for everyone during the holidays. This year gets even more confusing too; it’s like we are playing musical chairs. I will visit my sister before Thanksgiving. My parents will visit my sister for Christmas and then visit me for the New Year. This balance didn’t come naturally or easily, but it came all the same. It always does.

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To find balance in a busy life, it takes compromise, solid emotions and pure determination. Sure, it would be easier if we could all meet with each other for one day but that just isn’t in the stars this year.

No matter if you are trying to juggle family functions for the holidays or figure out how to balance work and recess, the tips below are sure to help you find balance in a busy life.

Stop Obsessing, Stop Worrying

The whole reason why we feel overwhelmed when we are busy is because we feel like we need to control everything. Basically our emotions take over. I know it might seem upsetting when things don’t go as you would like, but stressing over it will not make things better. It’s best to just let it go, and work with your options in a rational way.

Embrace Compromise

My mom doesn’t like to hear that she won’t see me on Christmas with the whole family, but she’s understanding. She has compromised by leaving the day after Christmas for a snowy, white trip to Colorado to visit me and my husband. It’s not her ideal Christmas, but she won’t let it ruin her holidays. When a family grows and lives get busy, compromise is crucial.

Make a Decision

Sometimes when we are busy, we are stuck with deciding between two things. Should I stay here, or should I go there? Turmoil could happen inside us, causing us stress, if we don’t make a decision. If you just dwell and dwell and dwell on the fact that you can’t have both, you could crumble emotionally. Make a decision and stick to it. By making a decision, there is no confusion, worries or stress over something that is no longer in your control.

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In life, we all struggle with finding balance. I hope that no matter where you are in life right now, these tips help you find equilibrium in your world.

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