Introducing our new Soul Flower logo! Sometimes companies will hire out when refreshing their branding. We kept it in-house. As you know, our Soul Flower original designs are hand made by our in-house designers. And they’re screen printed by hand in our print shop right here in our warehouse in Minnesota. What you might NOT know is we also have a small team of creatives who do all of our photography, online graphics, and branding. We have all the creative brainpower we need right here at Soul Flower! Our logo was a group effort, inspired by our past but with an eye toward our future.

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The new logo started as a series of rough sketches back in July. (Although thoughts of a new logo have been happening for years). Key people met to decide what our wishlist in a logo would be. We talked about what we didn’t like about the old logo and what we would change about it. We looked at the history of our Soul Flower logos. We’ve already come a long way!

We wanted our new logo to look updated and modern, but still a nod to our roots. We wanted to capture the idea of “letting your soul flower” a little more, rather than just have a drawing of a flower. Symmetry and balance were important. We know how awesome our super-soft, eco-friendly clothes are… how can we convey that to more people in a logo? It’s a tall order!

We went through a bunch of sketches, each sketch riffing on the one that came before it. Circles, petals, plants, sun, interconnectedness, symmetry, and balance. We got more Soul Flower employees involved, asking for their thoughts and feedback. We wanted our logo to be understood, and to delight and inspire.

Soon, our new logo took shape and really blossomed for us. In the end, it’s a shapeshifter of sorts: it ties back to our original flower logo, but with a modern spin. It’s clean and versatile, yet complex and dynamic. During discussions, everyone saw something different in the design. Is it a flower, a rising sun, seeds on a dandelion, fire, a crown, a plant, or maybe just an abstract pattern? It’s everything. And it’s for everyone.
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Our customers at Soul Flower are diverse and unique. We want everyone to envision themselves as part of our soul family. We’re all different, but we come together in our love for organic and earth-friendly clothing, funky heartfelt artwork, and kind vibes. Our logo is new, but our values are still the same!

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