A Little More Eco-Friendly: 100% Recycled Paper

Hey Buds, you know we are always looking for ways to be more eco-friendly and we are excited to say – we found a new one this season: our latest wholesale catalog (released to boutiques and shops that carry Soul Flower) is now being printed on 100% recycled papers! Our new paper is 100% post consumer recycled and approved by the FSC (Forest Steward Council). We have worked with our current printer for a few years now and have always been very impressed with their eco friendly practices throughout their facility. We are especially proud to be their first catalog printing on 100% post consumer recycled paper using eco-friendly soy-based inks.


Soul Flower’s New Logo!

Introducing our new Soul Flower logo! Sometimes companies will hire out when refreshing their branding. We kept it in-house. As you know, our Soul Flower original designs are hand made by our in-house designers. And they’re screen printed by hand in our print shop right here in our warehouse in Minnesota. What you might NOT know is we also have a small team of creatives who do all of our photography, online graphics, and branding. We have all the creative brainpower we need right here at Soul Flower! Our logo was a group effort, inspired by our past but with an eye toward our future.


Soul Flower’s Manifesto

Recently, all us buds here at Soul Flower got together, ate some insanely good pizza and talked about the things that make Soul Flower everything that it is to us. We did a bit of serious reflection, and also had quite a lot of laughs, and what came out of it was a list of almost 150 things that Soul Flower represents to us. Which is a lot! So we took that list and began to narrow it down to a few things that are truly at the heart of Soul Flower, and what came out of it was a poem we now embrace as our very own MANIFESTO! (more…)

How to Use Soul Flower’s New Eco Icons

Hey hey buds,

Recently we created a set of eco icons to help define the products on our site. The fun thing about eco icons is that they are pretty cute. But the beneficial side of eco icons is that they can help you find out about a product nice and quick. 

Here are the eco icons you will find throughout our site
Product questions such as: Is this item organic? Was it made in the USA? What is hemp, and how is it eco-friendly?…All such questions can be answered by a products particular set of eco icons.
Soul Flower’s new eco icons can be found within the product description right below the price. Some products might have only 2 icons, others may have 5 – it all just depends on the product.

For instance, the Celestial Skater Dress has the eco icons of: organic cotton, made in the USA, low-impact dyes and Soul Flower Original. 

Here is a zoom in of those particular icons.

When you wand over an eco icon, the title of that icon will appear. Here we rolled over the star icon, and the title ‘Soul Flower Original’ popped up.

What’s a Soul Flower Original? Well, we’re so glad you asked! 🙂

SFO Eco Icon

To find out what any product’s eco icon means, simply click the icon and a fuller description will appear in a pop-up box. Poof!

Also, if you would prefer a short, one sentence summary of all our eco icons, simply click on “view our eco guide,” (located at the end of any eco icon description, or at the bottom of our web page).

So that’s that. 🙂 We hope our new eco icons make your shopping experience better, and make it easier to select products that match your lifestyle. 

If you have any questions, or need further help navigating our website, please don’t hesitate to ask! 

 aka ‘handmade eco icon’ 😉

Your buds at Soul Flower

Soul Flower on Instagram

Hey buds, if you want to get a behind the scene glimpse of what goes down at Soul Flower on a day-to-day basis, Instagram is the place to do it. Check out images of our team rockin’ out at the warehouse, staging photo shoots and just being our goofy, fun selves out ‘n’ about in MN and more! 🙂

Join the fun @soulflowerbuds

Hemp History Week

This week, June 4-10, is Hemp History Week! Hemp is an environmentally sustainable plant that can be used in a multitude of earth-friendly ways.

Via: Dispelling Myths About Hemp

Hemp clothing, such as these stylish pieces, are a smart, eco-friendly choice. Hemp uses less resources, such as land and water, and unlike many other plants, hemp actually revitalizes the soil as it grows.  It’s also insanely durable, and is known to have three times the strength of cotton fibers!  And, did you know, hemp is UV and mold resistant? Yeah, it’s a pretty versatile, beneficial and amazing plant!  The environmental benefits of hemp go far beyond what I’ve listed above…if I get into it all now, this blog post would never end! 😉

Hemp History Week by jackyleev featuring a hemp products

If you are unfamiliar with hemp, the official Hemp History site is a great place to read up. They have info on the many ways hemp can be used, why it’s beneficial, and clears up the misconception about hemp and cannabis being one and the same; hemp is NOT a drug.

They also have great information on the history of hemp (of course!) which includes a helpful timeline. Did you know that in 1942 Henry Ford made an experimental car door using hemp fibers, which turned out to be ten times stronger than steel! I didn’t. Learning something new everyday here! 🙂

Happy Hemp Week, Buds! 
Peace & Happiness,
Jacqueline Lee & your buds at Soul Flower

I Hug My Computer Because Of You

This Valentine’s Day I would just like to tell all of you how amazing you’ve been. Good vibes abound here at Soul Flower, thanks to you! We can’t help but Love you buds! Your enthusiasm and support never fails to amaze us. Every time we go onto Facebook, (i.e. the internet) we’re always welcomed with wonderful energy and great stories.

There have been several instances where I almost hugged my computer, because the messages you send put a huge smile on my face. You go beyond the support of buying our product by sharing your insights, humor, and soul through your comments & letters, and it never goes unnoticed.

Ha- that’s ME! (…If I were bald & not lovingly addicted to the internet)

My job title here at Soul Flower is Copywriter/Daydreamer, and part of my role is to keep tabs on our Social Media.  I want you to know: I read every little line of it; I even read the best ones out loud. I gush and geek out over the pictures and witty, inspiring words of wisdom. In fact, that’s how this blog came about. The other week I burst into the office across the hall, ecstatic about the response you buds were giving on a post. I gushed, “Do you see this!? I want to hug my computer; they just rock!” To which our photographer, Jenn said, “You should tell them that!” It only makes sense.

So, here I am. Writing you a love letter of sorts. 🙂

I heart my job to pieces, and a lot of that is due to YOU! Some of you post frequently, and I’m starting to feel like we’ve hung out, or hiked a favorite trail together – it feels like I’ve actually met you! You’ve made social media the friendly place it was intended to be, and you spread the good vibe that Soul Flower stands for. If your messages one day stopped (fingers crossed they don’t!) and my inbox became a ghost town, I’d miss you all tremendously! So please don’t let that happen. Instead, be Soul Flower’s Valentine?

Our soul flowers for you! <3

Rock on! We love you!
Jacqueline Lee & your buds at Soul Flower

Pin It

We’ve Got it Pinned!

Hey Buds!

Guess what? We’ve finally joined the Pinterest craze! If you have a Pinterest account (or will be making one today) be sure to come follow us. We’ll be pinning our latest fashions, craft interests, quotes and overall inspiration.

Here’s the start of our pins :

On Pinterest you can “pin” photos in order to save ideas and links that you love. It’s much like creating your own personal online magazine. To keep your pins organized you are able to create as many boards as you like, such as “Style Inspiration” or “Words of Wisdom.” They will look like this:

And the real fun part is that you can follow your friends, (like us!) to see what they’re diggin’ these days.

For example, here are some of our latest pins:

Want more? We’ll be sharing all of our Soul Flower favorites, such as Karma Krewe reviews, Fresh Picks and videos, along with random beauty and inspiration from a variety of outside sources, (like the painted rocks and wall graffiti pictured above). Anytime you like what you see, all you need to do is click “Repin,” and BOOM! it’s on your board. With the pin button, you can also go on all of your favorite websites and start a pinning craze all your own.

And that’s one thing about Pinterest:

 IT IS ADDICTING! But I’ve placed it in the category of “good addictions,” you know, like coffee. Some addictive insanity is needed to stay sane…at least, that’s the saying I made up to make this ALL okay for ALL of us. 😉 So, if you pin once and find you’ve pinned a thousand times by tomorrow, you can’t say I didn’t warn you!

Follow Me on Pinterest

If you do plan on “Following” us, Thanks in advance! We appreciate all your kindhearted support. You buds rock!

Happy Pinning!
Jacqueline Lee
Soul Flower

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How to Create a Wishlist on Soul-Flower.com

Ahh holiday gift shopping – you either love it or hate it, right? Help take the stress and guessing game out & get what you really want this year: create your very own wishlist at Soul Flower! No more size guessing, or even worse – style guessing. Show them what you want instead. You can add any item from Soul Flower to your wishlist, then share it with anyone.

If you’ve never used Wishlists on Soul-Flower.com before, here’s a quick tutorial:

Go to Soul-Flower.com and click on Wishlist:

Click “I Want to Create a Wishlist!”

 If you don’t have a login already, you’ll have to create one by clicking on the new customer link. After you create an account, you can login!

You’ll land at your wishlist. No items? No worries! Get shopping by clicking on any of the category links on the left.

 Shop around til you find something you just can’t live without!

Choose your size in that item, and click  “Wishlist” to add!

After you create your entire wishlist, share it with a friend so they know exactly what your little heart desires 🙂

What will you be wishing for?
Get started now!

Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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