Join us in celebrating Small Business Saturday by learning a bit more about Soul Flower and how we operate…

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Soul Flower has a history dating all the way back to 1999 when we were a small shop in St. Paul, MN and also vended at a handful of festivals each year. From there, we continued to grow, moving our business to online-only in 2004 and creating our own line of clothing in 2006.

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Countless late nights, early morning, and in-house happy hours later, it’s almost 2016 and we’ve managed to stay true to our original roots by crafting the kindest eco-friendly clothes that we know of!

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Part of what makes Soul Flower, Soul Flower is that we value giving back to our communities. That means donating to other folks who help make the world a better place by providing services to people, the environment, and animals. According to our Ring Leader, Mike, “Even if we’re having a down year, giving to others who can help make this world a better place isn’t where we start cutting when looking to save. It’s all about karma.”

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Here’s a list of the organizations we’ve donated to so far this year:

Additional Giving by years end:

  • – to offset our carbon footprint
  • Food Bank of Iowa 
  • Camp Courageous – year round camp in Iowa providing a life enriching experience for people of all ages with disabilities


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