…Or so we like to tell ourselves 😉

After starting up our Kind Heads Photo Donations and focusing our energies on back to school, we found ourselves in a nostalgic state of mind. With thoughts of our old school days, and the funky, cute, and sometimes geekishly independent fashions we used to wear as kids, we began to realize that the funky sense of style we had as children definitely carried over to the cool Soul Flower style we have today. So, since you’re all sharing so many great photos with us, we figured we outta share some with you, too. Check it!


Blog Image chadskool - From Old School to Soul Cool
Chad – Director of Social Optimization
Crazy cool sense of style no matter the time period!

Blog Image peggyskool2 - From Old School to Soul Cool
Peggy –  Karma Captain
 Rockin’ some super sweet gladiator sandals!

Brianna – Selling Scientist
Teddy bears to kittens – she’s kept things cute!


Blog Image THIS+ONE%2521 - From Old School to Soul Cool
Jacqueline – Daydreamer
Hopelessly drawn to color, forever & always!

Blog Image jennskool - From Old School to Soul Cool
Jennifer – Sculpter of Light & Shadow
Creativity has given her some funky-fun fashion!


Blog Image leiah5 - From Old School to Soul Cool
Leiah: Pixologist
Never lost that spunky, comfy style!


What we’ve come to realize is that we’ve always been pretty freakin’ cool!
….or so we like to tell ourselves! 

If you’d like to learn more about what each of us does here everyday at Soul Flower click here!


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1 Comment on From Old School to Soul Cool

  1. Lisa Marie Mary
    August 11, 2011 at 6:30 pm (13 years ago)

    You guys are all adorable!!! 😀

    Chad! OMG dude! Love your shirt – my elem. school’s shirt was just like that! Well, one of them, they changed every year I think…

    Where, though, one wonders….is Mr. Mike? 😉


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