In our previous post, you got to meet the True Krewe: the founders of Soul Flower! In this post and the next 1, you’ll get to meet everyone else involved with the Soul Flower company.

Blog Image dew krewe - Part 3 of 4: Meet the Dew Krewe!
9am – 10am
9:00 a.m. is when the morning crew (Dew Krewe!) arrives at the Soul Flower warehouse. The members of the Dew Krewe rotate between our 3 buds Chad, Jenn, and Joe. These three have been with Soul Flower the longest, and know all the ropes around the warehouse. In the mornings, they open up the customer services phone lines to your calls, take a look at all the orders that were placed on the website that night, print invoices, organize the books, and get everything ready so that the packing can begin!


chad fb - Part 3 of 4: Meet the Dew Krewe!Chad
I’m Chad and I’ve spent the last 5 years running Soul-Flower’s operations, and doing my best to make Soul-Flower the best possible place to shop and to work. I live and play in Minneapolis with my wife Liz. Outside work, my favorite hobbies are building things from wood, puttering in the garage, and home improvement, plus listening music, and watching sports. I very rarely
miss a Badger or Viking game, and I love to catch a favorite band on a Saturday night.
Your Favorite Band: Phish
Your Favorite Soul Flower find: PLA002 Recycled Stripes Hoody
Your Favorite website (besides of course):
Your Favorite tree: family
Your Favorite take-out food: pizza
Your Favorite person: wife Liz of course! You think she doesn’t look at this about us page?
Your Favorite bird: Scarlet Macaw
Your Favorite flower: white whole wheat
Your Favorite color: forest green
Your Favorite shoes: 1996 Doc Martens
Your Favorite hat: bad ass fedora from NYC
Your Favorite team: Vikings. Shut up.
Your Favorite piece of jewelry: wedding ring, otherwise not a jewelry fan
Your Favorite Snack: emergency beef jerky from my glove compartment (when eaten in a non emergency situation)
Your Favorite Blog:
Your Favorite Facebook Friend: anyone I’d never hear from otherwise
Your Favorite Tweet you have ever seen: what the hell is a tweet? Sounds lame
Your Favorite fruit: cherries
Your Favorite Vegetable: do I have dip? If so then broccoli, if not then yellow pear tomatoes
Your Favorite Vacation EVER: Europe 1972, wait that’s a Dead album, Europe 2000
Your Favorite live show EVER: Phish 12/31/99 midnight to 7 a.m. never sat down, only went to the bathroom once.

jenn fb - Part 3 of 4: Meet the Dew Krewe!Jenn
My name is Jennifer and I have been happily working at Soulflower for about 8 years now! Im sure I have talked to many of you on the phone and via email. I also take a lot of the photos you will see online and in the catalog and help to find cool new threads for you! I live and work in St Paul, MN with a couple of my best friends and my dog Kodiak. I love playing outdoors, hiking the woods with my dog, biking, kayaking. traveling, and exploring new things. I also spend a lot of time with my family and friends, camping, going to see live music, collecting vinyl records, and getting comfy with a good book.
My Favorite Soulflower find: My Revolutions Eco Yoga Pants and my Make Music Not War Eco Hoody. My two wardrobe staples.
My Favorite Vacation EVER: Backpacking Thailand/Cambodia
My Favorite Tree: Banyan (Ficus Benghalensis) ; )

joe - Part 3 of 4: Meet the Dew Krewe!Joe
My name is Joe. I am a Minnesota boy born and raised. I spend my work days swimming in the ever changing pools of customer satisfaction. Between picking, packing, shipping, doing returns, quality and stock control I get to be a Soul-Flower elf! When not working, I enjoy being at home fixing up the duplex I lord over. With that my roomies and I enjoy gaming on multiple different systems but fun most certainly ensues. You can also find me out biking the lakes (weather permitting, I’m not that hardcore), kicking a soccer ball around, trying new cooking ideas/foods, going to see live music
and whenever possible having bare feet. Environment is everything so I certainly try and follow the respect, reduce, reuse, recycle mantra whenever possible.
My Favorite Soul Flower find: Has been the SOL072 pants. I have had all three colors since we introduced them and will wear them until they fall off and then get some more! Followed closely by our hoody selection.
My Favorite Color(s): Is the entire spectrum that runs from green to blue.
My Favorite Band: Right now – The Wailin’ Jenny’s
My Favorite Band(s): I could never choose just one but UM, SCI, Phish, Grateful Dead, The Beatles, Keller and Guster are ones that dominate my CD player time and time again.
Special thanks to our customers for their positive vibes, stories and love and to my co-workers for making/sharing in a place where a job doesn’t have to be all work and no fun. THANK YOU! 🙂

Coming up: Meet the Glue Krewe!

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  1. Lisa Marie Mary
    April 14, 2010 at 2:46 pm (13 years ago)

    Hey there, Dew Krewe! Great to meet ya! đŸ˜€


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