Soul Flower Originals are our exclusive designs that feature original artwork and reflect positive messages of peace, mother nature and music. We choose organic cotton and other natural fibers, like recycled PET, whenever we can, and this fall we’ve just released our “greenest” line-up yet!

While the Soul Flower line has always been environmentally focused, the Fall / Winter 2011 catalog has improved even further on fabric selections and manufacturing techniques that impact the environment even less. As our X-Factor Mike says —

“We’re proud to be ‘Treehuggers’ at Soul Flower!”
Soul Flower’s line of original eco-friendly styles are now dyed and manufactured in the good ol’ U.S.A., while the screen printing is done locally in small batches to reduce waste. This season’s line includes fashion forward styles like concave T-shirts, long sleeved scoop dresses, soft hoodies and lounge pants.

Our organic clothing concept comes from the idea of getting back what you give – simply put, karma. We love both you (our customer!) AND our Mother Earth – so we work hard to please you both by creating unique, quality products and focusing on sustainable fabrics and earth friendly practices.

Be Kind, Be Soulful, and always Be Yourself,
Soul Flower

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