A Soul Flower bud of ours recently wrote a beautifully written piece about what it mean’s to be yourself 

Here’s a snippet below:

“What does it mean to be true to yourself? For me, the phrase isn’t as simple as “doing you.” It’s not about focusing on your own needs above those of others, or letting your personality run wild and free. It’s not about being sorry-not-sorry and unapologetically you.

IMO, being true to yourself is about living honestly. I realize this is a heavy topic with lots of layers, but for practical purposes I’ll reduce it down to a very simple idea: it’s about telling yourself the truth about your intentions. I find that getting your underlying motives straight for yourself — regardless of what you tell other people — can relieve a lot of unnecessary stress, which science has demonstrated occurs at both the psychological and physiological levels. If you’re not in tune with your real reasons for doing something, you’re essentially keeping a secret from yourself — and this isn’t good for your brain or your body.

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Now if you’re already good at this kind of mental housekeeping, consider yourself a sacred oasis in the endless desert of bullshit agendas and ulterior motives. It’s not always easy to separate the wheat-reason from the chaff-crap, and sift out the core of why you really choose to do something. There have been plenty of situations in which I don’t even realize my intentions are muddled, but now I’m not surprised when the outcomes are less than satisfactory.

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Here’s a basic example: let’s say one of your friends invites you to a very trendy birthday party at the hottest upscale bar. Like any sensible human, you’re not a fan of waiting in long lines, dealing with obnoxious social climbers, sacrificing your eardrums to absurd bass levels, and paying through the nose for fancy cocktails. But…you go anyway. Sound familiar?”

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Read more from the article here.

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