opportunity 715x570 - #soulflowerbuds: Autumn 2017

#soulflowerbuds: Autumn 2017

Hey Buds,
It’s just another post to say we love your style and how much you share images with us! Thanks for all the tagging on social, here are some of our favorite #soulflowerbuds photos from the last month (October and November 2017). Check out instagram for more soul flower photos and thanks again, we love you!
Soul Flower


baby 717x570 - #soulflowerbuds Customer Love!

#soulflowerbuds Customer Love!

Dear Buds,
Thank you for tagging us in your photos! Here are some of our favorite social shares in the last month – we love the love and hope you keep taking such amazing photos. Tag us @soulflowerbuds anytime!
Soul Flower


IMG 6622 e1505407795261 750x570 - #soulflowerbuds Your Photos!

#soulflowerbuds Your Photos!

Hey Buds, Our customers are a huge part of who we are – we love how you spread the Soul Flower vibe wherever you go, including online. Keep sharing your photos on social media – we would love to feature you in our blog in the future! Tag your photos with #soulflowerbuds or tag us in the photo! Here are a few of your most recent photos!


outside - #soulflowerbuds Our Buds' Style!

#soulflowerbuds Our Buds’ Style!

Hey Buds, Have we told you lately how cool and awesome you are? Well you are! We see you wearing our Soul Flower threads and want to take a minute to show off YOUR style! So here are a few recent Instagram posts from you, our buds. Keep on posting buds, you can tag us at #soulflowerbuds and if we love what we see, watch for a mention here on our blog.


MM blog6 760x570 - Hand Painted Fashion

Hand Painted Fashion

Meet Marthe Mekuria, she’s a Los Angeles based Singer Songwriter and all around creative person from Amsterdam, Holland. Marthe creates abstract mixed medium art on canvas as well as water resistant art designs on clothing.


instagram homepage bud 2 e1423250630337 640x430 - #mysoulflower contest

#mysoulflower contest

It’s no secret that we love our Soul Flower buds.

That’s why we want one of YOU on our homepage! Post a photo online showing off your unique Soul Flower Style and include #mysoulflower  before 1/15 to be entered to win a $50 gift card AND be on our homepage. Five lucky buds will also win a Boho Headband! Creativity will be awarded! We want to see your wild, funky, freaky, hippie style! (more…)

ax 640x430 - Show your Soul Flower! #mysoulflower

Show your Soul Flower! #mysoulflower

Hey there Buds, you have all been uploading so many amazing photos wearing your Soul Flower Threads – we wanted to show you just a few of these beauties. Keep the love coming – post to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook with #mysoulflower and you might just end up in our customer gallery. Peace and LOVE LOVE LOVE. (more…)

What are You Wearing New Year’s Eve?

IMG 5715 - What are You Wearing New Year's Eve?
I can not pick between these 2 outfits, they’re both freakin’ fantastic!
Peace & Love: tie-dye leggings & a tunic top scream good times
Poppies at Midnight: is one flirty wrap dress, especially with striped knee high socks 
I always like dressing up on New Year’s Eve, but I also like to feel comfortable.  The outfits pictured here are my top 5 favorite outfit possibilities for New Year’s Eve. They’ve got that playful, good vibe for starting the new year off right.

OUTFIT52 - What are You Wearing New Year's Eve?
Lotus Flower: layers great for a night out dancing. Get too hot? Set the denim shirt aside

Now I just need to decide which one I want to wear. Oh, decisions… 😉
What will you be wearing this New Year’s Eve? 

 ❤ your bud JacQ

Organic Kids Clothing for Matching Family Photos

One of the things I like about Soul Flower’s line of organic cotton T-shirts for kids is that many of the designs work for both boys and girls. From baby bodysuits to children’s sizes, these adorable designs go beyond the typical pink for girls and blue for boys. They are especially great for family photos, as many of these designs come in women’s and men’s sizes where the whole family can match! 🙂
organic+kids+elephant+tee - Organic Kids Clothing for Matching Family Photos
Painted Elephant 
organic+treehugger+kids+tee - Organic Kids Clothing for Matching Family Photos
Organic Treehugger 
organic+cotton+take+a+hike+t shirt - Organic Kids Clothing for Matching Family Photos
Take a Hike
organic+camping+shirt+for+kids - Organic Kids Clothing for Matching Family Photos

Camp Give A Hoot 

matching+organic+t shirts - Organic Kids Clothing for Matching Family Photos
Matchy cuteness our buds have shared with us over the years 🙂
organic+cotton+kids+clothing - Organic Kids Clothing for Matching Family Photos
More hand-drawn designs printed on organic kids clothing that work well for family photos

Have any of your kids worn matching Soul Flower T-shirts? Feel free to share your pictures with us on Facebook, we save every single one of them and share them here on our fan page slideshow! 🙂

WooHoo, We’ve Got A Winner!!

And the lucky winner of the Survival Kit Giveaway is…………..


Ariel Edwards
From: Pocatello, ID

Ariel’s rockin’ reaction: Stoked! Wow, this is awesome!” 

And her Survival Kit plans? 

“Well I am starting my senior year of High School in about a week and this survival kit is exactly what I need to make it the best year yet! The survival kit will definitely help remedy the “back to school blues” that I am sure to get. I plan to take my new hoodie and messenger bag all the way to the Bellingham, WA coast this fall to have some awesome adventures with my sister! I will definitely send some pics your way with all the cool gear! 
Forever a Soul Flower fan- 
giveawayB - WooHoo, We've Got A Winner!!
We hope her Back-to-school Survival Kit is all she hoped it would be!

Congratulations, Ariel, and good luck with your last year of high school! 🙂 And a huge thank you to all who participated, we love you buds!!!

Soul Flower

Woo be Scrunchalicious

Yay! Got my new crop pants, buds and I gotta tell you, they’re packin’ some serious scrunch! They definitely deserve the name scrunchalicious! I’m always amazed at how much I adore these garments when they arrive. Is that weird? I can’t remember ever being so happy about getting clothing before. Describing the goods with such strong emotional phrases like “love, love, love them!” Yep, aha and theses capris are so wonderful, I just love ’em, too!

cool hippie crop pants - Woo be Scrunchalicious

The soft fabric gives them a lot of stretch (95% cotton and 5% lycra) making for one cozy pair of crops. I gotta admit, I’m more of a shorts or jeans kinda gal when I’m in casual mode. Creature of habit, maybe? Well, these scrunchie crops have changed my mind on what’s most comfortable. These cropies are mucho soft, a nice weight plus have great details and style. I feel like I’m dressing up every top I own with them. All the same, I can totally lounge around the house while sporting these puppies and don’t miss wearing jeans or shorts AT ALL. In fact, I feel like I’m in my pajama bottoms! Shhh.

cool ruched summer capris - Woo be Scrunchalicious

As for the design, the waist has a thin elastic band that is very stretchy. The size small waist seems to comfortably stretch to twenty eight inches. Below the waist the capris have a three inch stitched yoke design. Love that 80’s throwback detail. They seem to be a little big in the hips for me but I wear long tops anyway so, no worries there. The sweetest little embroidered tree lives centered on the back of the waistband and they have a nifty seam down the middle (front and back) of each leg. Starting at the knees, the main feature, the coolest gathered scrunchieness ever! I ordered them in brown which is a really nice chocolate shade (darker than the picture online) and they go with almost everything I own. I like them so much I’m thinking about getting the black ones (which will go with everything else I own).

funky boho women outfit - Woo be Scrunchalicious

There’s another important benefit of owning these capris, they are part of Avatar Imports clothing line. Avatar is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, (a nonprofit trade association that promotes businesses that adhere to principles of fair trade). So, workers creating these great clothes aren’t paid as little as possible (sweat shop amounts), they are paid an amount that actually allows them to…live. Not only that, Avatar is a certified “Green” company practicing resource conservation – conserving energy, water, materials, preventing pollution, waste, etc. This inspires me to do what I can in my own life because even simple things like shutting off power when leaving a room, printing double sided or canceling junk mail CAN make a difference. These things matter. Every natural resource is precious and every being is of value and deserves to be treated with fairness and a chance at a better life for the work they do. Wouldn’t it be great if this was a priority for everyone? Today is the day to change. So, I will gladly wear wonderfully unique scrunchalicious capris from companies that believe in doing good, being conscious and fair.

Peace and love,

Video Contest Winner

Our Lights, Camera, Action! video contest winner is…


Thanks for this awesome video, Erin… You win a $75 gift certificate to!

Winner #2 of the Soul Flower Coloring Contest

Our second winner of the Soul Flower coloring contest is…

carol winner - Winner #2 of the Soul Flower Coloring Contest


Your attention to detail in coloring is what impressed us on this one! We love how you made the skirt and shirt different than it was on the catalog. (Actually, the skirt you drew reminds us of our Watercolor Tie-Dye Skirt, and your top reminds us of our Feelin’ Groovy Tie-Dye Wrap Top… coincidence? 🙂

Carol, please email us at with your choice of shirt out of these and we’ll get it sent out to you right away!

Thanks to everyone who has entered so far, and no worries – we’ll be picking more winners as the entries keep coming in. You’re still in the running!

Lights, Camera, Action! Video review contest

Are you passionate about Soul Flower products? Do you have something to say about your experience shopping at Then let your voice be heard and your smiling mug be seen!

Brit shows off Soul Flower’s Nothing But Nature belt on YouTube

Now that you’ve seen an example, we’re inviting each of you to record a video to share. Show off and review some Soul Flower threads, tell us what you like about your goods, do a haul video of your newest Soul Flower package… or any other Soul Flower-related thing you can think of. Keep it short, keep it classy, but be yourself and have fun!

Why video?
Video is so popular right now, and it’s a great way to grab attention. We want to see the faces behind those names (and amazing notes), and the voices behind those lovely faces. Help us get the word out about Soul Flower, and meet other passionate customers (aka Awesome People)!

What can I win?

Win a $75 Gift Certificate to!Win a $50 Gift Certificate to!Win a $25 Gift Certificate to!Win free shipping to!

Besides eternal fame and praise from your buds here at Soul Flower and other readers of the blog, we are also going to pick winners! 1st place wins a $75 gift certificate to, 2nd place will win a $50 gift certificate, 3rd place gets $25, and every other entry wins a FREE SHIPPING coupon!

How to enter:
1. Record your video (this part’s easy!)
2. Upload to the web (use YouTube, Photobucket, or any other upload site you choose)
3. Comment on this blog post with the link to your video
We’ll embed all videos in this post as they come in, so
4. come back often to check out what everyone else has entered!

We’ll choose a winner based on video awesome-ness on Monday, December 13.

Your Buds

Winner #1 of the Soul Flower Coloring Contest

Our first winner of the Soul Flower coloring contest is…

coloring cotest winnerJazzy!

Jazzy, everyone here at Soul Flower loved all 6 coloring pages you sent in. We picked the Give a Hoot owl page as our favorite: half pink, half blue… super cool!

Congratulations! For your prize, we think you’ll really like the Come On Get Happy kid’s tee. If you’ve got another tee in mind, tell mom or dad to let us know. Otherwise, keep a lookout for your new tee in the mailbox early next week!

Thanks to everyone who has entered so far, and no worries – we’ll be picking more winners as the entries keep coming in. You’re still in the running!

Coloring Contest for little buds (and grown ups!)

Do they still do coloring contests these days? For some reason it feels old-school… but we’re doing it anyway!

We’re inviting the little buds to submit their colored-in masterpieces, and adults, too! As you know, at the warehouse we love hanging up notes from customers, so you can bet we’ll be making a coloring page wall for all the ones we get in!

Here we’ve got several different Soul-Flower-themed coloring pages for you and your little ones to choose from. Print ’em out, color ’em (inside the lines not required!), then send your colored pages to us for a chance at a prize! We’ll choose some winners throughout the year (or as long as we keep receiving them). Winners will receive something cool from Soul Flower – a tee, a CD of a live show, grab bag of goodies, a coupon or gift certificate… you won’t know until you win! 🙂

Come On Get Happy blank coloring book page Peacock coloring page SymmeTree symmetrical tree coloring book page Front Cover Girl hippie girl coloring page Give a Hoot owl coloring page Treehugger coloring page

So bust out that smelly old box of crayons or crack open that drawer of magic markers and color a little joy into your day! Send in as many entries as you want to us here at:

Winner #1 – Jazzy

Do You Love Soul Flower?

If you read our blog, then there’s a good change you like (or even love!) Soul Flower. We’re so glad you do! As you know, we love hearing what our customers have to say… we even keep all the notes you guys send to us and hang ’em up at the warehouse!

Recently we stumbled across a website called Amplicate that collects opinions and feedback about different websites and products. A couple people even love Soul Flower already! If you’ve got a free moment, we’d love it if you added your voice to Soul Flower on Amplicate to get the word out, and help others find a sweet new online place to shop 🙂

Opinions on SOUL FLOWER

Soul Flower Haul Giveaway!

Haul videonoun
A video recording made to show off the goods you have purchased online or in a catalog.

Hey Buds! Our friends over at recently shared a video of Ginna opening up her first Soul Flower package! Check out what she has to say about a few of our favorite items:

Ginna shops with Soul Flower Haul
Thanks for the awesome commentary, Ginna! You definitely cracked us up a few times, and we enjoyed every minute of your video! 🙂

Now it’s your turn!
What would you say in your Soul Flower haul video? Leave us a comment on this post & share with us your thoughts about your favorite item from – something you’ve received and now own, or something you’re wishing for!

On Friday, August 20 at noon central we’ll pick a random entrant to win a $25 gift certificate to spend on anything you want at!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and congrats to Bekah, who won! Yay, Bekah!

Our Awesome Customers!

Hey Buds! In case you all didn’t know, we love our customers – and that means you! Over the years we’ve received a ton of notes, letters, photos, and seen some really sweet drawings and doodles on customers’ return requests. Betcha didn’t know we save it all! (All the cool stuff, anyway…)

notes collage 1 - Our Awesome Customers!
Be sure to click on the collage to see it larger, so you can read the funny lines and see the detail in those funky doodles.

Keep sending in your kind words and positive vibes: we love hearing from you! Or send us some feedback online. If you’ve got any photos of you or your family sporting your Soul Flower gear, be sure to send those our way, too.

Peace & much love,
Your Buds at Soul Flower

Blast From the Past Winner!

Thanks to all those who entered our Blast From the Past Giveaway!

blastpast winner - Blast From the Past Winner!
The winner of the giveaway is Alisha, who will receive her favorite item – the Daytripper Pants! These will be perfect to put you in the Janis groove, Alisha! (We’ll be in touch with details about your pants…)

Winner! 8035 Festival Pack Giveaway

Thank you all for entering our giveaway for the upcoming 80|35 Festival! The third annual 80|35 fest is set for July 4th weekend in Des Moines IA, and our lucky winner will be receiving a sweet festival pack to make their summer festival experience even better!

Congratulations, Ashton!
8035winner - Winner! 8035 Festival Pack Giveaway
We’ll be contacting you so we know where to send your pack of goodies. Have a great summer, everyone!

Soul Flower Contest…

Southbound by OhSweetMama on

Have you checked out It is a sweet site where you can create your own collages inspired by all kinds of fashion sites around the web. We have had a few customers tell us about it but just recently checked it out ourselves….and we fellin love with the great background images, the fashion galore, and the DIY vibe. So we decided to spread the love this week: we are running a contest at Soul Flower –

1-go to
2-create a Polyvore set & be sure to use some soul flower goods.
3-post your set on our facebook wall or here on our blog.
4-one random winner will get a $50 gift certificate to

Post anytime before this Friday (3/19) & our winner announced by saturday. Happy Polyvoring! And in the meantime, enjoy a few of our faves that have been uploaded already:

The ’70s by Krisan Matthews on


Jetsetter by oleiah


Across America by Rose Lynd on

More Bliss: Our winner Nana Jill

old port2 - More Bliss: Our winner Nana Jill

Thanks for all the fabulous photo entries you sent in to win a soul flower gift certificate – we had so many more than expected! It was so much fun to see everyone in their soul flower threads. We have picked a winner but we also decided, because there were so many great ones, that we are doing a CircleTee giveaway too for some of our “honorable mentions”. Watch for those pictures over the next month here on our blog.


Today, we are posting our grand prize winner, Jill. Jill & Max are pictured here in their cool threads. Here is Jill’s message she wrote with this entry.



“The attached picture is Max and me, Jill aka Nana walking in the Old Port section of Portland Maine last August, 2008. We were on vacation, visiting family and all I packed were Soul-Flower clothing items. The dress I am wearing is the very first item of clothing I got from Soul-flower. Actually, my daughter Hope Starr (Max’s mom) ordered this dress for herself and it fit me better. Since this dress, almost every article of clothing i own comes from Soul-flower. Same for Max. We love your clothing. It feels so right to me, to be wearing clothing I got from you. It fits my personality and essence, as it does for my daughter and my grandson.
Thanks for all the wonderful duds!
Jill and Max”

Meet Ruthie Rainbow (our review winner)…

We loved reading all the great reviews on our site these last couple of weeks. While they are all fun to read and so many shine, one was extra special to us, and that one is…..drum roll please…..Ruthie Rainbow. Ruthie’s mama, Georgia, wrote a great review of the Rainbow Peace Skirt. And sent a couple of adorable pictures of her little rainbow loving toddler, Ruthie. Here is the review. Thanks Georgia, your gift certificate is on the way!!! And thanks too to everyone who participated. Watch for another contest out here by the end of the week.

Ruthie’s Magic Rainbow Skirt by our bud Georgia
rainbow+ruthie - Meet Ruthie Rainbow (our review winner)...“My little girl “Ruthie Rainbow” is full of magic, creativity, and imagination. At 3, she is strong-willed in her desire to create her own styles each morning, before we head out the door at 7 am. Often, she wakes up, groggily rubbing her eyes & announcing “I need to wear rainbow clothes”. When I showed her this skirt online, she told me, “this is perfect” and when it arrived in the mail, she hugged it to her chest and vowed, “I will wear this FOREVER”. Now, it is a struggle to get her to wear anything else! How perfect that there was one for her twirly-whirly mama too! We both wore this skirt to the CD release party of our Kid’s Band “Spiral Up Kids” and twirled on the dance floor. Our outfits brought many smiles and compliments and we both felt so special in our rainbow skirts. We just LOVE them! Thank you Soul-flower for designing clothing feels so good & let’s your true spirit shine through! These rainbow skirts are not only beautiful but magical too! (I guess we’ll need one in the next size too, as my Ruthie Rainbow is growing up on me, before my eyes!)”