Hey Buds,
It’s just another post to say we love your style and how much you share images with us! Thanks for all the tagging on social, here are some of our favorite #soulflowerbuds photos from the last month (October and November 2017). Check out instagram for more soul flower photos and thanks again, we love you!
Soul Flower


Product shown: Travel Happy Onesie


Product Shown: Wrap Leggings in Organic Cotton


Product Shown: Boho Headband


Product Shown: Wrap Bra in Organic Cotton

luna - #soulflowerbuds: Autumn 2017

Product Shown: Yin Yang Headband

opportunity - #soulflowerbuds: Autumn 2017

Product Shown: Organic Wanderlust T-Shirt

girl - #soulflowerbuds: Autumn 2017

Product Shown: Organic Strappy Bandeau

tag - #soulflowerbuds: Autumn 2017

Product Shown: Our Hangtag! Read more about our eco practices here.

ajax loader - #soulflowerbuds: Autumn 2017

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