Hey Buds! In case you all didn’t know, we love our customers – and that means you! Over the years we’ve received a ton of notes, letters, photos, and seen some really sweet drawings and doodles on customers’ return requests. Betcha didn’t know we save it all! (All the cool stuff, anyway…)

Blog Image notes collage 1 - Our Awesome Customers!
Be sure to click on the collage to see it larger, so you can read the funny lines and see the detail in those funky doodles.

Keep sending in your kind words and positive vibes: we love hearing from you! Or send us some feedback online. If you’ve got any photos of you or your family sporting your Soul Flower gear, be sure to send those our way, too.

Peace & much love,
Your Buds at Soul Flower

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  1. […] buds to submit their colored-in masterpieces, and adults, too! As you know, at the warehouse we love hanging up notes from customers, so you can bet we’ll be making a coloring page wall for all the ones we get […]

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