Rasta Stripe Hemp Hat


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The perfect festival hat - made from 100% hemp with a velcro closed pocket sewn into the inside. The brim has a wire that allows it to be shaped into many different styles. Click on the image for a few examples.

Available in one size that fits most. Hemp.



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Lindaverified buyer
Follow-up to Dog Ate My Hat!
It's back!, and it's on the way to me just in time for summer. Awesome, it really is the best hat, people always want it. And some dogs too...
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My hat!!!!!!verified buyer
Aargh my dog ate my hat!
I bought this a few years ago and LOVE it...but alas, my jack rascal terrier got it and chewed it beyond repair. I need a new one but they are out of stock, bummer!
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Rachel McKenzie
I am in head over heals for this hat! I love the Rasta colors and it is bendable to change the style. I wore it outside and on the first time wearing it, someone stopped me and was raving about the beauty of the hat! Thank you, SF! <3
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Cool hat!
I bought this hat like last summer and I loveeee it!!! Ive worn it while swimming in lakes and in the pool. Flexible so you can change the style of it! And the way its woven is gorgouse! Such a cool hat!
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Worth the wait!
I had been meaning to order this great hat several times, and it has been mostly sold out. Got smart and got on the email notification list. It is perfect- great fit, easy to pack, looks cool! Definitely worth the wait! So glad I got one!
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love it
this hat is so cute on an old hippie like me....it takes lots of abuse, wind, sand water and you can shape it back the way it came to you
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Fantastic Festival Hat
I love my new hat. It has wire in the brim for easy shaping, and it is a comfortable fit. Thank you SoulFlower!
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Chelsea Perkins
The best hat I've ever owned
This hat is the cutest and most amazing hat I've ever owned. Great quality...beautiful and love how I can bend it into any shape! I took this hat with me to a music festival in Costa Rica where it SAVED me from the sun and looked SO cute doing it. I actually left it in Costa Rica so I am online buying another ASAP....someone totally scored...lucky them!
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Gotta love any hat with a stash pocket----that already came in handy. :) Already received compliments on it and one lady asked to take a picture of my hat as she was hoping her daughter could crochet her something similar. She also loved my skirt, which is your 'born on the bayou' that is currently on sale. She said something to the effect that I was wearing her new 'Summer look'. And of course, I sent her your way. :)
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great hat!!!!
As wonderful as your down low hemp hat that I bought earlier this year but with the addition of the rasta colours - Perfect, definitly a 5 star buy!
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