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Sacred Geometry Clothing & More

Sacred Geometry Clothing | Sacred Geometry Shirt

Our sacred geometry clothing collection is inspired by symmetry, symbolism & beauty in nature. These sacred geometry shirts, bags, and stickers all feature hand drawn art and are hand screen printed here in the USA. Awaken your spirit with a sacred geometry shirt, a geometric dress, a hexagram sticker, or a mandala headband from Soul Flower.

Sacred Geometry hugely inspires the art and designs at Soul Flower. Why? Because Sacred Geometry is everywhere in our lives - in nature, in shapes, in music, and in art. For example, snowflakes and beehives are hexagons found in nature. And you can find the flower of life in fruit seeds and flowers! Look to nature and you will find sacred geometry everywhere! Our Sacred Geometry Clothing & Sacred Geometry Jewelry feature symbols like flower of life, platonic solids, hexagrams, and more.

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