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Auric Blends Perfume Oil - Mystic Blend Scent

Auric Blends Perfume Oil - Mystic Blend Scent

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Amber  Egyptian Goddess  Jasmine  Love 
Majik  Mystic Blend  Patchouli  Rasta  Sandalwood


Get ready to soak in the amazing vibes of our Mystic Blend Oil by Auric Blends - it's the real deal! Auric Blends is all about natural roll-on perfumes in your favorite hippie scents like Mystic Blend, Patchouli, Egyptian Goddess, Love, Rasta, and Sandalwood. No animal testing and no alcohol – we're keeping it clean and cool. These perfume oils roll on smoothly, and you can stash 'em in your bag with their handy 0.75 oz container. Smell like a hippie with these natural perfumes – they're the bomb! And of course, proudly Made in the USA.

This is Mystic Blend Oil – it's like a cosmic hug for your senses. Hints of green at the top, a heart of lily and jasmine, and grounded with sandalwood and a touch of vanilla sweetness. Totally mystical and vegan too – because we care about the planet. Get ready to vibe out and embrace the mystical side of life with this effortlessly cool blend.

Ingredients: Dipropylene glycol, natural and synthetic fragrances.

Added Bonus: Take our Which Essential Oil Are You? quiz and pick a scent that fits your personality!

Note: These Auric Blends Essential Oils cannot be shipped outside of the USA.

AUR003-mystic_blend - Auric Blends Perfume Oil - Mystic Blend Scent

Made in the USA

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Reviews for: Auric Blends Perfume Oil - Mystic Blend Scent

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Barbaraverified buyer
Amber Auric Oil
This is the most seductive fragrance I've ever found. Everyone I meet says they've never smelled anything so sexy. That's the best compliment one can receive in my book. I buy this oil by the dozen and keep it everywhere ... home, office, car, purse for a quick freshen up. LOVE IT !!!!!!!
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