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Auric Blends Perfume Oil - Egyptian Goddess Scent

Auric Blends Perfume Oil - Egyptian Goddess Scent

9 reviews

Amber  Egyptian Goddess  Jasmine  Love 
Majik  Mystic Blend  Patchouli  Rasta  Sandalwood


Be an Egyptian Goddess! Inhale the awesome aroma of this best-loved Egyptian Goddess Perfume Oil from Auric Blends. Egyptian Goddess Oil is renowned for its seductive blend of musk, soft florals, and powdery notes. This best-selling fragrance, cherished by many, combines sensuality with an air of mystique, allowing you to embody the allure of an Egyptian goddess.

Auric Blends creates these unique roll-on perfumes in all of your favorite hippie scents, like Patchouli, Egyptian Goddess, Love, Rasta, and Sandalwood. They are free from animal testing and do not contain alcohol. Perfume oils roll on and are in a .75 oz container. Smell like a hippie in the best way possible with these natural perfumes! Made in the USA.

Egyptian Goddess Oil - Seductive and soft, this fragrance blends musk with soft floral notes and powder. Egyptian Goddess Oil is our very best seller and cherished by many Egyptian goddesses out there!

Ingredients: Dipropylene glycol, natural and synthetic fragrances.

Added Bonus: Take our Which Essential Oil Are You? quiz and pick a scent that fits your personality!

Note: Our Auric Blends Perfume Oils cannot be shipped outside of the USA.

AUR003-egyptian_goddess - Auric Blends Perfume Oil - Egyptian Goddess Scent

Made in the USA

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Reviews for: Auric Blends Perfume Oil - Egyptian Goddess Scent

(5)9 Reviews

Stella Chaddertonverified buyer
Egyptian Godess
Love this oil. Makes my husband crazy. S
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LuvDuvverified buyer
Egyptian Goddess Oil for 20 Plus Years!
I've worn this oil since I was a teenager and the compliments never stop, Egyptian Goddess Oil is the best. Thanks for the fast shipping!
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Dianaverified buyer
Love the oils, especially Egyptian Goddess!!!!
I love wearing oils. Wore them since I was a teenager. For a long rime it was hard to find. Came across soul flower and was so happy to find Egyptian Goddess Oil again!!! I regularly order from them. I've never had an issue with anything. Orders come fairly quick and always happy with what I purchase.
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Tara stracuzziverified buyer
Been wearing this since high school
There a only a few shops I can find Egyptian Goddess, where the oil actually smells like the original. This is my families new favorite shop! They have the most unique products at reasonable prices. I’ve recieved so many compliments wearing this perfume oil and I’m so happy to have found a shop that doesn’t “water down” the Egyptian Goddess in order to cut costs.
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Ramona Millerverified buyer
Review of Egyptian Goddess Oil
Egyptian Goddes Perfume is all I wear for perfume. I love the oils and I have many compliments.
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Gabtielaverified buyer
Egyptian Goddess is amazing! I’ve worn it for many years, since high school! Love it, and will wear it forever!
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Aliverified buyer
EG is the only oil I wear. My guy LOVES IT. He literally smells all over my body when I wear it. I get tons of compliments from males and females. It lasts all day with just a dab on my wrists and behind my knees. I also dab a little in my locs after a shampoo 🥰.
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Valerie Ulrichverified buyer
Amazing Egyptian Goddess Oil!
I got the Egyptian goddess perfume and it smells so good. I cannot stop smelling my wrists. I definitely recommend EgyptianGoddess oils!
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Egyptian Goddess Girlverified buyer
Auric Blends Egyptian Goddess - the best!
I have been buying Auric Blends oils forever and the Egyptian Goddess Oil from you buds for a few years and wanted to leave a review because it is my go to and you always deliver it quick and I love it. My signature scent! Never stop carrying Egyptian Goddess perfume please!!!
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