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Auric Blends Perfume Oil - Sandalwood Scent

Auric Blends Perfume Oil - Sandalwood Scent

4 reviews

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Inhale the awesome aroma of our natural perfume oils by Auric Blends, including the best-loved Sandalwood Essential Oil. Auric Blends creates these unique roll-on perfumes in all of your favorite hippie scents - and Sandalwood is no exception. They are free from animal testing and do not contain alcohol. 1/3 oz oil. Smell like a hippie in the best way possible with a natural sandalwood scent! Made in the USA.
Sandalwood Oil - Deep, creamy sweetness with warm undertones of amber, leather and wood, Sandalwood is a great woodsy essential oil. Combines well with Patchouli! *vegan

Ingredients: Dipropylene glycol, natural and synthetic fragrances.

Added Bonus: Take our Which Essential Oil Are You? quiz and pick a scent that fits your personality!

Note: These Auric Blends Essential Oils cannot be shipped outside of the USA.

AUR003-sandalwood - Auric Blends Perfume Oil - Sandalwood Scent

Made in the USA

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Reviews for: Auric Blends Perfume Oil - Sandalwood Scent

(3)4 Reviews

angellaverified buyer
One of the best smells on earth - minus the chemicals
Have been wearing this for years after discovering it on one of trips to the States. Yet in Australia, trying to find a stockists is as rare as hen's teeth. That was until I discovered Soul Flower and am so grateful that I did. Prompt delivery and beautifully packaged. I know where I'll be getting more of this delicious scent from now on :)
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Carrie Wainforverified buyer
wonderful,wonderful Auric Blends Oils!
Sandalwood Oil is delicious! ( I wish Egyptian Goddess Oil was stronger and lasted longer ) these are great just whip em out for a quick roll. And please my hippie brother and sisters....don't forget a little Patchouli Oil goes a long way

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Bethverified buyer
I love the smell of sandalwood and was excited to get the roll on fragrance. This smelled nothing like sandalwood to me and has a very synthetic perfume smell. I love oils for their natural smell and this irritates my nose and gives me a headache. I was very disappointed by the sandalwood.
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Stellaverified buyer
I cannot detect a sandalwood smell in this one. One reviewer said it smells like baby powder and I have to agree, unfortunately. The solid Patchouli Soul is good, though!
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