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Fair Trade CertifiedSoul Flower Fair Trade Clothing

Soul Flower Fair Trade Clothing

Many of our imported products are Fair Trade Certified™. These products meet the standards of fair trade and represent a movement toward ethical and sustainable manufacturing. Fair Trade standards require that workers earn a living wage, no child labor is used, workplace conditions are safe and non-discriminating, and that the entire production process is socially, economically, and environmentally responsible. Compliance to these standards is certified by third-party auditors.

Soul Flower Fair Trade Clothing

In purchasing Fair Trade Clothing Brands, you can help create a better world and environment. The Fair Trade system empowers individuals along the entire supply chain, and supports mindful business models that positively impact people and the environment. Shop Fair Trade to be sure you're contributing to an entire community and ethical labor practices abroad.

(While not every imported item we sell is Certified Fair Trade, we still ensure that these products are created under fair conditions and only choose to work with companies who have similar philosophies regarding the production of their products.)

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