The mysterious Merkaba! I was immediately drawn to this symbol when I first saw it. It reminded me of Egypt, the pyramids and Ancient Aliens (I admit it, I love that show). After doing some research, I realized I wasn’t so far off base. People claim the Merkaba is a symbol for everything from mystical spherical breathing meditations, the biblical wheels within wheels to an interdimensional light vehicle that lets you travel to other dimensions. Holy cow! Sign me up.


After digging myself out of that internet rabbit hole, I realized that the Merkaba stands for a much simpler idea. The search for the balance we are all striving for in life. The union of spirit and body coming together to makes us the best we can be (light). Sometimes finding this mind body balance is hard. Really hard. Busy schedules, day jobs, family responsibilities and the endless barrage of society makes it seem impossible to be in the moment.


I made a point this summer to try and achieve more balance in my life. I spend A LOT of time in front of a computer so I made a point to step away from the screen and try new things that didn’t involve a mouse and monitor. I made a daily bike ride part of my routine, I grew a garden and started eating more veggies and less processed junk. These little changes have had big impact on my life. I feel better, lost a few pounds and don’t feel like a slave to my computer any more. Thanks Merkaba!

P.S. We also decided to print this with a subtle gold glitter ink because interdimensional aliens told me too. Just kidding, It just looks cool that way 🙂

Check out the wild stories behind the Merkaba symbol.


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