I grew up a Trekkie. For those that don’t know the term, (shame on you) I was, and likely still am, a very big Star Trek fan.

VIbe Tribe 2

It’s not the science fiction or camaraderie, or the remarkable percentage of sexually compatible aliens. It’s that every episode ended the same way: with the Enterprise and crew warping into the deep unknown of space.

For me, these last months have been exercise in exactly that—launching confidently (mostly) into the unknown.

And it. Is. Fantastic.

On a whim, I purchased tickets to France and Iceland for 16 days. Why? Because someone said it sounded like fun. That seemed a convincing argument to me.


I’ve also had the profound privilege to travel across this amazing country of late. Bryce Canyon in Utah, the Muir Woods State Park near San Francisco, and Puget Sound in Washington state.

Every request, idea, and friendly suggestion has become an opportunity. It’s not some profound clarity or newfound confidence; these events are all loaded with uncertainty and apprehension (I don’t speak French!).

Vibe Tribe 2

But that’s what makes all of this an adventure. Fear is the mother of courage. Hardship, the father of adventure. Like the gallant crew of the Enterprise, sometimes you just need to “Boldly Go.”



Adam wore the Boldly Go Men’s Recycled T-Shirt 

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