Hey Buds! Hannah here. I just recently came home from Norway and all of my friends immediately started to ask me where I will go next. Being a wandering soul is just part of who I am, so if anyone wants to catch the wanderlust bug, here are some not-so-obvious steps in the right direction! Hope you enjoy!

Step One: Adventure is another word for Vacation

You aren’t just going on a vacation. You are opening a door into your heart, to fill with new people, new places, new sights, smells & tastes. You never leave home and come back, you are home inside yourself and reach out to the world with open arms.

Wandering Soul

Step Two: 5 Miles are just as important as 500

A wandering soul knows that experiencing their backyard is just as influential as experiencing a foreign land. You are not defined by how many miles you’ve covered but by how those miles have added to your life.

Wandering SoulStep Three: Where the road ends, maps come in handy

You are not limited by plans. If a path you want to take appears ahead, you take it. You are open to every possibility of adventure and seek to explore outside of typical tourism traps.

Step Four: Hydration, Hibernation and Hummus

Let’s face it, wandering soul’s know the importance of getting enough rest while also staying fully nourished and hydrated. Missing out on a day due to your own lack of care for your body is not an option.

Wandering SoulStep Five: The earth is a gift, treat her well

If you truly walk the world, you have seen how beautiful and delicate Mother Earth is. A wandering soul knows how to coexist with her, while enjoying every piece respectfully. Thanks buds for wearing eco clothes on your adventures!!

Step Six: Pictures or not… it still happened

A lot of people photograph everything, but wandering soul’s know when it’s important to put down the camera and experience the moment fully. Take a deep breath and thank the universe for bringing you to this point in time.

Step Seven: Be prepared enough

Anything can happen! It is an adventure after-all. You can be prepared well enough for the things that you know, but if you aren’t — it’s a great story to tell.

Step Eight: Take your trip with you

Wandering Soul’s dwellings are filled with pieces from their travels. Whether it’s a seashell, a ticket stub or pages of journal entries detailing your every thought in the moment, a wandering soul celebrates the journey with the items they collect.

Step Nine: Always look on the bright side

Wandering Soul’s are naturally positive people. When you know bad days can happen, weather can be unforgiving, and places you’ve been dreaming of can be under construction, you learn to go with the flow. You are thankful for all the good, and find positives even if you are having a rough patch on your journey.

Step Ten: Just Go

No really, go on an adventure. Turn off the computer and go outside. If you want to be a wandering soul, you have to start somewhere.

Happy Wandering!

Your Bud, Hannah Lee at Soul Flower

Insta: @soulflowerbuds @hannahleekuhn

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  1. Linda @ q is for quandie
    June 27, 2017 at 2:02 pm (3 months ago)

    Beautiful photos Hannah! It looks like you guys had an amazing time in Norway 🙂


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