Our Bud Kristen sent us these great pictures of herself in our Tie Dye Earth Vee Tee…check it out:

kristenearth1 - Earth Loving Tee
Our earth loving and
kristenearth2 - Earth Loving Tee
 tree hugging bud Kristen.

Usually when surfing the Soul-Flower.com site I go straight for the dresses but this time the Tie Dye Earth Vee Tee caught my eye. The mellow cream color of the tee really helps the colors of the tie dye pop and catch the attention of any passerby. This tie dye pattern is so unique and unlike any other kind of tie dye I’ve ever seen before and that makes this tee one of a kind. I was immediately attracted to the earth heart graphic in the middle of the tee because I love my Mama Earth and love to show it off. This tee is super soft and comfortable and the deep vee flatters any neckline. I guarantee that anyone who rocks this tee will absolutely love the sweet message and coziness of this cotton vee neck tee.

ajax loader - Earth Loving Tee

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