Happy Arbor Day buds 🙂

Along with Earth Day, this is our favorite “nature holiday” of the year. You already know we’re a tree-hugging bunch at Soulflower, and we have a sneaky suspicion that most of you are too. Living in the upper Midwest, it’s a blessing to see the trees go through their seasonal changes. It’s an amazing thing to see mother earth go from winter brown to spring green in a matter of a few days. As this is being written, I’ve counted 10 new varieties of birds outside my window that have returned in the last few days from their winter homes. It’s a busy time of year for nature, and whether you are in the city or the country it’s a great time to get out and take notice of the bustling life that is blooming all around us.

Trees play a leading role in supporting the fragile eco-system we all live in. There is a photo from Japan that shows one lone pine tree standing where there were once thousands – a sad sight for sure; however, the Japanese people have adopted that lonely tree as a sign of hope for the future. Blog Image forest of trees - Happy Arbor Day from Soul FlowerAt Soulflower, we’re concerned about the future too, and we continue to grow our relationship with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant three trees for every one that is used in our catalog production. It’s a small gesture for sure, but if everyone planted just one tree this year there would be over 300 million new trees in just America alone! Grab those shovels and let’s put that tree-hugging, dirt worshipping power to work.

~Your Bud Mike

Photos courtesy of and © our bud Jenn

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