This week, June 4-10, is Hemp History Week! Hemp is an environmentally sustainable plant that can be used in a multitude of earth-friendly ways. Here at Soul Flower we believe this miracle plant Industrial Hemp is something that should be legalized to be grown in the USA. It can do so much, including Hemp Clothing, Hemp Accessories, Hemp Food and Medicine!

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Via: Dispelling Myths About Hemp

Hemp clothing, such as these stylish pieces, are a smart, eco-friendly choice. Hemp uses less resources, such as land and water, and unlike many other plants, hemp actually revitalizes the soil as it grows.  It’s also insanely durable, and is known to have three times the strength of cotton fibers!  And, did you know, hemp is UV and mold resistant? Yeah, it’s a pretty versatile, beneficial and amazing plant!  The environmental benefits of hemp go far beyond what I’ve listed above…if I get into it all now, this blog post would never end! 😉

If you are unfamiliar with hemp, the official Hemp History site is a great place to read up. They have info on the many ways hemp can be used, why it’s beneficial, and clears up the misconception about hemp and cannabis being one and the same; hemp is NOT a drug.

They also have great information on the history of hemp (of course!) which includes a helpful timeline. Did you know that in 1942 Henry Ford made an experimental car door using hemp fibers, which turned out to be ten times stronger than steel! I didn’t. Learning something new everyday here! 🙂

Happy Hemp Week, Buds! 

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