The path toward your dreams is not paved in gold… in fact, I’m finding its more like boulders, broken glass & potholes large enough to swallow you whole. As I have recently begun my journey down this path and I find myself frequently questioning my sanity. First of all, who would quit a job that pays every time you show up for one of great variability in financial support? My better judgement would glance at my bank account and have a panic attack, (I’m getting a decent understanding the quip ‘starving artist’) but in these moments of doubt, I think of one of my favorite sayings, “jump; and grow your wings on the way down.”

Jump; and Grow Your Wings on the Way Down - Soul Flower Blog #vibetribe

It really is a leap of faith to go after your dreams with all you are. To step (or jump) away from point ‘A’ to find a point ‘B.’ To let go of it all and trust. In past jobs I have always had this nagging sensation that something was missing. Some big part of my soul was not being fed. I have never been swayed by the security aspect of many careers, and most of the time feeling too safe is not something I like- so call me Daredevil- I chose to be a yoga instructor. I think if this job came with an owner’s manual, it would read in big bold letters ‘no safety net included.’

Jump; and Grow Your Wings on the Way Down - Soul Flower Blog #vibetribe

That guaranteed lack of safety is a bit terrifying, but even more exciting at the same time. Having the opportunity to build my own reality is what I have always wanted, and I feel more and more whole everyday. I try to approach this treacherous path toward my dream like I do my yoga practice, with easy, gratitude and trust. I find the more I ease the more readily the things I really need appear.

Jump; and Grow Your Wings on the Way Down - Soul Flower Blog #vibetribe

The uncertainty of life is quite possibly its most beautiful aspect. If we practice the ability to let go of the reigns a little and trust, we might just find ourselves at your desired location. Dare to dream big and dare to jump.



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2 Comments on Jump; and Grow Your Wings on the Way Down

  1. Burnell Yow!
    August 19, 2015 at 12:25 am (5 years ago)

    Yes. Art, and life itself, is a leap into the dark. I like the idea of growing your wings on the way down.

  2. Wabbit
    April 9, 2016 at 3:51 pm (4 years ago)

    I found that Jesus Christ works better than yoga. It’s best never to be alone. Since He never lets us down, we don’t need wings. It’s awesome. And as the great Larry Norman once wrote and sang: He’s good for the body, great for the soul…


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