May Day is Lei day in Hawaii, garlands of Flowers everywhere, a feast for the eyes and a Hawaii tradition since 1927.  For the sun is finally back in full splendor and April showers that bring May flowers are blooming every color of the rainbow right before our eyes.  May Day is a celebratory holiday for springtime that is recognized the first day of May.  Hawaiian lei’s are as iconic to Hawaii as the hula, surfing and aloha. The fragrant flowers have long been a symbol of affection and appreciation that is given to loved ones.

May day is Lei Day - Finding Soul (Soul Flower Blog)

In Hawaii, we give our friends and family lei’s on special occasions.  A lei is given when a dear friend is leaving  or when they arrive.  No wedding, birthday, graduation or retirement is complete without the giving of a lei.  Lei’s can express a multitude of emotions — receiving one says that you are loved, respected and appreciated.

May day is Lei Day - Finding Soul (Soul Flower Blog)


How to make a Lei:

  1. You can make a Lei out of any sturdy Blossom.  Often, the materials are found right in your backyard.  To begin, collect any medium sized flower you can find.  I collect flowers that have already fallen from the tree (an old saying if you love a flower let it be.) You will need to collect about 50 blossoms to make a 40” single strand lei.
  2. Next you will need to cut 100” string that will be used to string the flowers. I use fishing wire because it is easy to string.  However, many people use non wax dental floss or cotton string.  If you use dental floss or cotton string you will need to use a sewing needle to help you string together the lei.
  3. Tie a large knot in the bottom of your string; this will act as a stopper as you string your flowers along.
  4. Begin assembling your Lei. You will weave the flowers along the string until complete.
  5. Once your lei is complete, tie the two ends together.
  6. When you’re done put your Lei around your neck or present the lei to someone who is special to you. Aloha!May day is Lei Day - Finding Soul (Soul Flower Blog)



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1 Comment on May day is Lei Day

  1. Burnell Yow!
    May 21, 2015 at 6:56 am (5 years ago)

    I remember celebrating May 1st, May Day, where I grew up in rural Michigan. At school, we would each create a basket from construction paper. Then, on the way home, (most everyone walked to and from school), we would pick wild flowers and place them in the basket. When each child arrived home, they would hang the basket on the door knob, knock or ring the bell, then run and hide and watch as the respective mother would anser the door and find the flowers. I remember doing this right up until starting high school. It was always a thrill to watch my mother come to the door and find the flowers. She would pretend to be surprised, but the smile on her face was always real.

    Your post brought back this memory, Rachael. Thank you.


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