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T-Shirts are such a big part of our wardrobe at Soul Flower. To make it to our shelves, our tees all go thru a cool printing process that gives them their Soul-Flower-Power. TS Designs is one of the printers who helps us out – they print our Love Your Mama, Treehugger & Wind Energy tees, to name a few. We have been working with TSDesigns and are excited to tell you about why. Or course, they deliver a sweet product. But it goes beyond just a cool tee, they are pioneers in sustainability steps in both their manufacturing & daily business practices. Really, these guys do it all.

They use water based printing (to avoid putting plastisols on your tees) and their own unique water based dyeing process called REHANCE. Their printing processes are much safer for the environment and human health since they don’t use PVC, phthalates, and no environmentally hazardous residues. The prints last longer and look better. And you won’t believe how great it all feels. We especially love using TS Designs for printing our infant & toddler tees – all organic cotton & all ecofriendly inks & all natural printing processes are so perfect for the babes.

That’s not all. (I know, it goes on!) – they are eco in almost every aspect of their business. They produce their own organic cotton T-shirts in North Carolina – promoting local manufacturing, social responsibility and local economies as well organic textiles. They use solar power at their factory. They have their own on grounds vegetable gardens, and a biodiesel coop as well. We love to see companies walking the talk. And making some super cool tees for us in the process. Learn more about TS Designs here.

Get 30% off any of our kids treehuggers, Love your Mama womens or kids or our blowing in the wind tees, all printed on organic cotton using water based, eco friendly inks. Use the coupon code SOULMATE2 at checkout to get your discount (good til 9/16).


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