As soon as I received my new patchwork backpack, I had a full on bag argument at my house. Oh how my daughter wanted the new backpack. She went on and on about how useful it would be that I eventually gave in. She is the very happy owner of the Soul Flower Duffle Pack backpack. This super cute bag is just the right size for her and has the perfect amount of pockets and space. The adorable straps synch at the top, so she never loses her stuff! Here is her review…enjoy!
Blog Image alyssa trish - Patchwork Duffle Back Pack
I love this bag because it`s fashionable, and the perfect size. I can use it if I am just going shopping or if I am going to the mountains for the day. It has lots of space for me to put magazines, books, and whatever else I want. The front pocket is perfect for my wallet, cell phone, camera, and iPod. The colors are amazing, they all look good together. Also it`s made excellently so I don’t have to worry about the quality. The synch at the top is great so nothing falls out. The big pocket is a great size not too big and not too small. And those are all the reasons I love this bag. Thanks for giving in Mom!

Note from Your Buds at Soul Flower:
Unfortunately, the Duffle Pack is no longer available 🙁 But if you’re looking for a cool hippie-style backpack, our Twice as Rice Backpack has been a bestseller for months!

ajax loader 2x - Patchwork Duffle Back Pack

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