6 thumbnails seanna - Photoshoot with our bud Seanna

It’s not every day that you ask someone to volunteer for something and they actually turn out to be amazing at it! Take our bud Seanna here, for example…

When looking for someone to help show off some of our brand new items here at Soul Flower, our bud Pete at the warehouse generously volunteered his girlfriend, Seanna. She was more than happy to help, and we gotta say– girl, you were workin’ it! 🙂

Seanna is wearing: Shoreline Hemp Hoody, Bolivian Tassle Hat and matching Fingerless Short Gloves, Add Some Flare Hoody, Bus to Dust Organic Cotton Hoody Tee, Peaceful Vibes Dress, Eco Arm/Leg Warmers, and the Ski Girl Patch Skirt.

ajax loader - Photoshoot with our bud Seanna

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