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I just attended Camp Euforia in Lone Tree, IA this past July and it was such a small, community oriented festival. This two day festival was held July 16-17 on a beautiful farm and was filled with great vibes, the friendliest people in the world, and unbelievably good music. The acts ranged from local bands such as (founders) Euforquestra, Dead Larry, The Uniphonics and Public Property to touring bands such as Juno What?, Kyle Hollingsworth, Heatbox, and EOTO (who were definitely the highlight of the fest for me). The days were hot and long but that didn’t deter any of the festi-goers. We managed to rig up the outdoor shower so that we could have a slip n’ slide to help us all cool off mid-day. I was lucky enough to have the “Playing in the Bandana Skirt” to keep me cool during those sweltering days. Not only is this a stunning piece of clothing with all the different colors and uneven hem line but it is perfect for festivals. I wore it as a skirt for most of the day but if I got a little too hot i could always nip it up and wear it as a dress; super convenient if you don’t want to pack too many clothes because this could double as two different outfits.

I also happened to wear this dress when I took a road trip up to Minneapolis with some friends to see The National. I can’t even tell you how many compliments I got on my dress when I was up there. After the show in Minneapolis we booked it to Chicago so we could work Lollapalooza. Even though I was stuck working the Perry’s Stage (the dj stage) all weekend I did manage to escape for a few hours and see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros as well as Mumford and Sons. And again, I got compliments galore at Lolla, everyone kept telling me how I looked like a flower child, which is a very high compliment in my opinion. This skirt is a something that every fun loving, concert going lady needs to have in their closet, I guarantee you will get much use out it and so so so much joy from wearing it, I know I do.


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